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Strategy 2010 Annual General Meeting 4 March 2010 Henrik Poulsen.

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1 Strategy 2010 Annual General Meeting 4 March 2010 Henrik Poulsen

2 TDC Annual General Meeting 2 TDC has a clear ambition Ambition TDC aspires to become the best performing incumbent telecom player in Europe measured on customer satisfaction, value creation and employee pride

3 TDC Annual General Meeting 3 TDC has 7 priorities for 2010 1. Customer experience and retention 2. Profitable growth pockets 3. Go-to-market efficiency Strategy 2010 5. World-class operations 6. Cost & cash discipline 7. Winning culture 4. Brand & technology platforms

4 TDC Annual General Meeting 4 1. Customer experience and retention 8,6m customer relations in Denmark Fullrate and Telmore have the highest customer satisfaction score compared to peers TDC is performing well, yet there is room for improvement Considerable transformation program have been initiated Improved customer communication New IT tools Reduce number of faults Expand customer culture Unacceptable customer experience shall be considerably reduced – and progress is made

5 TDC Annual General Meeting 5 2. Profitable growth pockets Price decrease within telephony and broadband, reduced termination rates and migration away from traditional landline telephony 10 specific growth pockets shall stabilize the Nordic revenue, e.g.: Mobile data Digital TV Nordic business segment Fullrate and Telmore Open towards smaller acquisitions that fit well into the existing business and create value We expect stabilization of the Nordic revenue in 2010 already - an important milestone for TDC

6 TDC Annual General Meeting 6 3. Go-to-market efficiency Strong sales channels within both consumer and business market Fullrate and Telmore are among Europes best online based telecommunication businesses Improve sales and service via TDC online Strengthen distribution to small and medium-size companies Improve sales efficiency in the Business division

7 TDC Annual General Meeting 7 4. Brand- and technology platforms From single brand to multi brand Non-TDC brands represent an increasing share of the revenue Expand infrastructure and technology platforms 50 Mbit/s on copper infrastructure via VDSL 100 Mbit/s on cable infrastructure via Docsis 3.0 Fiber-to-the-home Turbo 3G mobile infrastructure and LTE license Nordic fiber infrastructure TDC remains the backbone in a Danish communication society in international top class

8 TDC Annual General Meeting 8 5. World-class operations Continuously improve efficiency and quality of processes, products and IT systems Reduce product fault rates Upgrade IT platforms with a focus on improved customer experience Reduce the number of products Freeze and phase out IT systems Next wave of procurement savings

9 TDC Annual General Meeting 9 6. Cost & cash discipline Costs in the Nordic business have been reduced by DKK 2+bn within the last 2 years Working capital has been improved by DKK 2+ bn Continue efficiency programs and cost savings Maintain strong cash flow control Attractive return to shareholders

10 TDC Annual General Meeting 10 7. Winning Culture 13,000 dedicated and talented employees Invest in talent development Focus on quality of management Programs for talents and experts Continued focus on diversity management Employee satisfaction score increased from 73 in 2008 to 76 in 2009

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