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Directions: There is a half-sheet near the packet you received titled Heroes (If you did not pick this up please do so now) Use complete sentences to answer.

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1 Directions: There is a half-sheet near the packet you received titled Heroes (If you did not pick this up please do so now) Use complete sentences to answer the three questions o 2-5 sentences required for full credit (15 points) Please raise your hand quietly if you have a question If you finish early, feel free to quietly read the course syllabus This is a SILENT activity! NOTE: The schedule on your desk is the one you MUST use today (First period only)

2 Mr. Carr FBHS English 12, Room 126

3 We are going to have an AWESOME year together! Have positive expectations! The guidelines and procedures we will learn today will help us create a Highly Efficient and Orderly Classroom.

4 Fifth full year teaching o Taught at FBMS in 2009 o Graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2003 Loves his family o Married to Katie Turner since 2007 Own Pippis Longstockings o Two daughters: Rowan and Zoey Loves to read o Favorite genres: Sci-fi and fantasy Loves to write o Working diligently on a fantasy novel o Star Wars: The Old Republic Fansite – Loves to golf o 3 rd year as FBHS golf coach Loves technology, Star Wars, video games, and geek culture o Podcasts, audiobooks, twitter, SDCC

5 Room 126 o Im here kind of a lot Phone number: 961-2880 ext 3716 o Dont use if urgent Email: Twitter: @MrCarrFBHS o If urgent or need to respond Remind 101 Class website: o High school link o Teacher web pages

6 Short answer…A LOT! Three novels o Beowulf o Native Son o 1984 ERWC – Expository Reading and Writing Course o Five modules Introduction to ERWC Life After High School Good Food/Bad Food Racial Profiling Politics of Food Senior Projects

7 Everything we do, everyday is important! o Do your very best every time Test and Quizzes20% Homework & Classwork20% Projects, Papers, Essays50% Participation10%

8 Classroom Guidelines & Procedures

9 Guideline #1 o Treat EVERYONE with respect at all times Guideline #2 o Be in you assigned seat and ready to work when the tardy bell rings Guideline #3 o Bring all required books and materials to class EVERYDAY AND take them with you when you leave Guideline #4 o Follow directions the FIRST time they are given Guideline #5 o Follow all procedures and policies of FBHS If its a rule of the school, its a rule in here too

10 Special Guideline #1 o This classroom is a No Whining Zone No whining for any reason. Everything I do is in your best interest, so respect the NWZ Special Guideline #2 o This classroom is a no cell zone To be safe, turn it off! I have the record for most cell phones taken Following this rule is a sign of respect and a rule of the school

11 Special Guideline #3 o Respect this space! My home away from home o Desks and Chairs Keep them and your feet on the floor Desk numbers o NO FOOD ALLOWED…Period Break and lunch will arrive soon enough I hate ants Water in closed container is okay o Mr. Carrs Personal Items Look with your eyes, and all will be well

12 DO follow my guidelines and you will get… o Verbal acknowledgement o A stress-free learning environment o A pleasant and orderly classroom atmosphere DO NOT break my guidelines or you will get… o 1 st – Verbal Warning o 2 nd – Removed from class and referral o 3 rd – Call home and/or Detention/Saturday School Severe Clause o Any student who uses profanity, fights, damages school/classroom property or is disrespectful to me or a peer will be sent to the office IMMEDIATELY


14 Entering the room o Enter quietly o Be in your assigned seat BEFORE the bells rings o Take out your materials o Ready to work/listen when tardy bell rings Warm-ups o Warm-ups will vary or not exist at all o Senior stuff/reminders/deadlines etc. o LISTEN!

15 When you are tardy… o Enter quietly! o Excused: Hand me your note o Have a seat and take out your materials Unexcused Tardy o You are tardy if you are not in your seat when the bell rings o Fill out the tardy sheet by the door COMPLETELY! o Trust me you want to show up on time. o 3, 5, 7 will be strictly enforced

16 Date:____________________ Printed Name:____________ Class Section:_____________ Youve been Pink-Slipped! Completing your homework or assignment is your responsibility as a student. Missing Assignment:_______________________ I do not have my homework today because: ____I did the assigned homework, but I did not bring it to class. ____I chose not to do my homework. ____I forgot to do my homework ____I did not have the appropriate material at home. ____Other – please explain below. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Signature______________________________ Used when you DO NOT have the assigned homework o Exceptions: Reading homework If you dont have your homework, pick up a pink slip, fill it out and turn that in place of homework

17 Before or after class: Go to the assignment binder o Small table near the door Retrieve any handouts o Be sure to check in with me before/after class o Did we do anything yesterday? Make-up work is not available for unexcused absences o ASSETS policy Other places to find missed work: o Mr. Carrs webpage, Twitter, whiteboard, Remind 101 Make up work is due the following day of your return if absent for one day. o ASSETS policy if longer

18 Classroom Discussions o PLEASE Participate! o I actually want to hear what you have to say o Make all questions RELEVANT to the discussion Scheduled Check Out o Let me know as you enter the room BEFORE class I should be by the door o I always forget, so raise your hand quietly Pack your stuff quietly and leave at scheduled time o Emergency: Get my attention quickly and Ill assist you

19 Restroom o If you need to use the restroom o Raise three fingers quietly (especially during discussions!) o When I acknowledge you and give you permission to leave move quietly and grab a hall pass by the door. LEAVE YOUR CELL PHONE ON MY DESK! o This needs to happen rarely as it disrupts the flow of class o Know that I usually say no…. Im always here, so if you have an issue, talk to me! o Issues with me, peer, class, anything

20 Place your paper on the desk next to you Pass papers to the LEFT SIDE! If/When you receive a paper, place yours on top and continue passing the stack to your left o There is no need to disturb your neighbor, get out of your seat, or participate in any other disturbing behaviors during this time. I will come by and collect all stacks

21 Monday o Senior Project reminders o Will receive literature packet Vocabulary, discussion questions, worksheets, reading assignment o Lecture o Work time Vocabulary, discussion questions etc. Tuesday-Thursday o ERWC days Fridays o Vocabulary Quiz/Reading Check then novel discussion o or Quest

22 Random Master o Non Volunteers I use this app to call on students o Why? Keep you engaged I WILL come back to you if you say I dont know Remind 101 o Take out your phones (seriously) o Follow instructions on handout o I use this app to remind you of deadlines, assignments etc. Twitter o Quicker way to get an answer from me

23 The teacher dismisses you, not the bell Do not start packing up prior to the bell o I will not let you go on time if this happens Wait until the teacher finishes and officially dismisses you with: Have a nice day! I truly believe in your potential and I know that you have the ability to succeed!! Have an awesome year! - Mr. Carr

24 See Senior Project deadline sheet How to be successful o Pick a topic you are interested in o Hit every deadline o Dont procrastinate o Realistic/specific projects Art is not a project Strive to produce something or learn something specific o Use lab time wisely

25 All About You Letter Type or neatly hand-write a letter to Mr. Carr. This letter is all about you! The letter should include the following: o Who you are and what makes you unique o Hobbies/sports/talents o Academic goals o Plans after high school At least ¾ page typed or 1½ pages handwritten. Due printed and ready to turn in when I see you tomorrow. o Pink slip day on day two would be sad

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