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New Mexico FFA Agricultural Mechanics Career Development Event Supplies and Materials.

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1 New Mexico FFA Agricultural Mechanics Career Development Event Supplies and Materials

2 Angle Iron One of the most common shapes of hot rolled mild steel. It may be used for a variety of construction projects.

3 Barbed Wire Used for fencing on farms and ranches to contain livestock.

4 Box Nail Used for nailing stock that splits easily and toe nailing in frame lumber. Flat head like a common nail but a smaller diameter shank

5 Cap Screw Fastener that joins two parts together without the use of a nut.

6 Carriage Bolt Used primarily in wood where the square neck can sink into the wood for holding purposes.

7 Castellated Hex Nut Use with a cotter pin to insure tightness and safety. The nut has a hex head with slots in the castle like top for a cotter pin to be inserted.


9 Chain Link Fence A woven wire fence commonly used for yards, security and pets.

10 Chain Link Fence Bullet Cap A bullet cap is used to cover the top of the pipe to prevent it from holding water. It also gives the fence a more attractive appearance.

11 Chain Link Fence Eye Cap This type of cap not only covers the pipe but also holds the top rail.

12 Chain Link Fence Gate Hinge This type of hinge is commonly used to attach a gate in to a post in a chain link fence.

13 Chain Link Fence Tension Band The tension band is used to attach chain link fencing to a post.

14 Chain Link Fence Corner Cap A corner cap covers the top of the pipe for protection. It also allows for a change in direction. The corner cap usually serves as a stop for the top rail.

15 Channel Common shape of hot rolled steel used for all types of manufacturing.

16 Coated Nail The surface coating keeps the nail from slipping from the wood.

17 Cold Rolled Steel Commonly used for making bolts and shafting where close tolerances of metals of smooth finish are needed.

18 Common Nail Use for rough framing. It has a flat head with a large diameter shank.


20 Drywall screw Use to provide a firm attachment of drywall(sheetrock) to wood framing

21 Duplex Head Nail Double headed nail used in forming lumber for concrete and other construction jobs where the lumber needs to be taken apart.

22 Eye Bolt Used for lifting heavy objects and/or anchoring cables or wire rope.

23 Finishing Nail Used to attach wooden window frames and wood trim. Very small shank and head designed to be set below the surface of the lumber.

24 Flat Head Screw Used as a fastener for most types of materials. The flat head is designed to be countersunk leaving a flush surface.

25 Flat or Cut Washer Used to increase bearing surfaces for bolt heads and nuts.

26 Furring Nail Used for stucco and installing wire on the outside of a structure.

27 Galvanized Roofing Nail Use to nail asphalt shingles, rolled roofing and saturated felt paper as well as rolled roofing.

28 Galvanized Steel Steel which is coated with a zinc compound to prevent rust.

29 Gang Nail or Truss Clip Used in place of nails as a quick means of fastening flat joints of wood such as roof trusses.



32 Hex Nut It is a six sided nut and fits in close clearance places. Available with NC or NF threads.

33 I Beam Common shape of hot rolled steel used in heavy construction such as main framing members. The flange width is les than the height of the beam.

34 Lag Bolt or Lag Screw A heavy duty screw designed for fastening large objects to various types of materials.

35 Livestock Woven Wire Galvanized fencing material available in different widths and a variety of patterns.

36 Lock Washer Used under nuts to prevent the nuts from becoming loose and keep tension on the bolt.

37 Machine Bolt Used where a wrench can hold both head and nut and is available with a square or hex head.

38 Masking Tape Available in widths from ½ to 2. Originally designed for masking around areas to be painted.

39 Mild Steel – Hot Rolled Most common type of steel used for fabrication. It will have a dull grey surface when compared to cold rolled steel. Available in many shapes and sizes

40 Mild Steel – Hot Rolled Most common type of steel used for fabrication. It will have a dull grey surface when compared to cold rolled steel. Available in many shapes and sizes

41 Oval Head Screw Generally used to install hardware, the head will protrude slightly above the surface.


43 Plastic Tape Use as an insulator for wire splices because of its high insulating value.

44 Plow Bolt Used to secure wearing parts on tillage equipment. The head is tapered or counter sunk to fit flush with the surfaces.

45 Poultry Wire Netting Used for fencing poultry, rabbits and other domestic animals and game birds.

46 Round Head Screw Used like the flat and oval screws where the head protruding is not a problem.

47 Screw Eye Used to hang objects, available in a variety of sizes.

48 Self Locking Nut Used without a lock washer. The neck of the nut locks down on the bolt threads and prevents loosening.

49 Sheet Metal Screw Used for sheet metal fabrication. The screw will cut threads through thin metal.

50 Smooth Galvanized Wire An all purpose galvanized steel wire commonly used for electric fencing.

51 Square Nut Used with carriage, machine, stove and plow bolts.

52 Staple - Fencing U-shaped piece of galvanized wire used to fasten fencing materials to wood posts.

53 Stove Bolt Used as a fastener for gauge metals.

54 Strap/Flat Steel A common shape of hot rolled mild steel used for heavy construction.

55 Swivel A chain accessory consisting of two links and a riveted pin which prevents chains from kinking.

56 Toggle Bolt Fastener designed to anchor objects to hollow walls where the nut cannot be reached.

57 Tool Steel Higher in carbon content than regular steel, it can be tempered for making tools etc.

58 Round Tubing Used like square tubing, but it is round in shape.

59 Square Tubing Used for construction of all types of equipment, the height and width of the tubing is the same.


61 Wing Nut Used on bolts that are loosened or removed frequently.

62 Wire Brad Used for light carpentry work.

63 Slotted Hex Nut Used with a cotter pin for safety just like the castellated nut. However, the slots are in the hex-head instead of the castel-like top of a castellated nut.

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