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Wirewall™, High Security Fence System

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1 Wirewall™, High Security Fence System

2 SRi Construction Limited
Wirewall™ Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence SRi Construction Limited 22 Cotton Hill St Clair. Trinidad Tel: (868) Fax: (868)





7 Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence
Wirewall™ Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence FEATURES: Available in panels up to 10.5 ft wide and 30 ft or taller Standard wire gauges available from 12.5 GA. To 8.5 GA. Cost effective Security Fence option Produced with precision state of the art equipment High strength Welds Easily adapts to most existing framework Improved Visibility Versatile system available in various panel & mesh configurations, finishes and colours Generates minimal audible mechanical noises resulting in efficient electronic detection system operation

8 Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence
Wirewall™ Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence BENEFITS: Easy and fast installation High density welded mesh resists cutting and climbing Clean, durable and attractive architectural lines Suitable for Public, Industrial, Commercial and Transportation applications Preferred solution for High Security applications including Government Institutions, Central Maximum Prison, Secondary Schools, Petrochemical, Energy, Airports, Ports and Water treatment facilities Custom manufactured to your specifications Tighter dimensional tolerances exceed ASTM and other industry standards Compatible with most intrusion detection systems Long term durability even in high corrosive environments

9 WIREWALL™, High security fence
Wirewall™, High Security Fence is our ideal recommendation in the perimeter protection of your property from potential intruders. Specifically designed for high risk security properties, the state of the art fence system is readily available for all types of high security applications. The Wirewall™ Fence System is the first in its kind in pioneering Anti-Cut and Anti-Climb capabilities Anti-Cut & Anti-Climb: Wirewall™ unique, state of the art design and construction, features narrow openings that make it very difficult to climb or cut. Unlike the woven pattern of chain link fencing, Wirewall™ won’t unravel or lose its stability if breached. What’s more, military testing has proven that it takes several minutes to breach the uniqueness of Wirewall™ fencing, versus a few seconds to breach a chain link fence. Structural Integrity: Wirewall™, High Security Fence has been highly used since 1999 in Trinidad, in what have been identified as high risk schools and government institutions. No other product has yet been able to surpass this state of the art fence system - its unique design and construction has already demonstrated it’s resistance to atmospheric conditions and quality subsistence.   Wirewall™ high security fencing goes up in panels, making it easier to handle and install. This greatly reduces the time, equipment and labour required for installation. Based on it modular design it allows for lower maintenance costs. Moreover, Wirewall™ has no blind spots and allows for camera monitoring and reduces any ability into the planning of forced entry because of this visibility benefit.

10 WIREWALL™, High security fence
Strength: Based on its unique and robust design, the Wirewall™, High Security Fence systems are a pillar of strength. Our wire panel detail is fabricated carbon steel wire, forming a specified mesh size to a tensile strength of 83,000 psi. These are then strapped unto a steel structure, combined of a Vertical Super “C” Post and Horizontal “C” Rail. Our C-Posts are placed and vibrated in 4’ x 16” Concrete Foundation, while our horizontal “C” rails are clamped onto each post, creating a formidable, robust, state of the art Wall. Superior Corrosion Protection: Super ‘C’ section posts are coated with 4 ounces of zinc per square foot per ASTM-F1043 Type A. This is the heaviest coating available in the fence market! Plus, the small open channel on the back of the post alleviates condensation buildup which leads to premature rust, an inherent characteristic in tubular products. If required, and in certain cases, a Polyester Powdered coatings can be applied to this pioneering High Security Fence System - Wirewall™!

11 Wirewall™ COMPANY PROFILE Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence Mission:
In today’s highly competitive construction industry and quality focused market place, SRi continues to maintain its competitive edge. We intend to retain this edge by adhering to our corporate goals. Our watch words being Professionalism, Efficiency and Prompt Service. Core Activities: Engineering & Hardware Supplies Civil Work Services Provided: Project Planning Feasibility Analysis Engineering Design & Design Review Drainage Design Roadwork Outfitting of school science labs incorporating systems to handle flammable and poisonous gases Contract Document Preparation Scheduling Contract Negotiation Tendering Payment Control & Management Budget Preparation Budget Control Procurement Management Construction Supervision Execution of Safety Plan Quality Assurance Quality Control Overview: Incorporated in 1997, SRi Construction Limited is a wholly locally own and operated Construction Company, with more than thirteen years (13) years experience in the industry. Along the way, the industry and construction landscape honed our skills making us experts in the field. SRi is equipped with a highly motivated and dedicated staff with a strong sense of responsibility and a practical approach to solving problems. The client needs are of great importance to us, therefore regular reporting and communication with clients are vital at all stages of the project. Strategy for Success: Our Corporate Strategy led us to Partner with CE Shepherd LLC of Houston, Texas in order to obtain the rights of exclusive agent for our brand of High Security Fence systems - WIREWALL™, designed for maximum delay applications and manufactured with superior anti-corrosive protection in mind.

12 Wirewall™ COMPANY PROFILE Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence
Company Name/Trading Name SRi Construction Limited Main Office: 22 Cotton Hill St Clair Trinidad. WI Tel: (868) Fax: (868) Bankers: First Citizens Bank Limited (West Court) Diego Martin Attorney: Ian Brooks Statutory Registration & Compliance: BIR File No.: VAT Reg No.: NIS Employer No.: Main Business Activities: Civil work, general construction, electrical work, plumbing roof and ceiling work, metal fabrication, drainage, road work and paving, painting, carpentry and joinery, IP networking and telephony and security systems Facilities: Our facilities include 1400 sq ft of office space and 3000 sq ft of warehouse space dedicated to design and engineering, sales & marketing, product research, customer satisfaction and quality, finance, human resources, product development, strategic planning, purchasing and logistics, legal, corporate affairs and information systems. Strategic Alliance: SRi Construction is committed to being the company of choice with regard to perimeter security systems in Trinidad and Tobago. We have established a key strategic alliance with CE Shepherd focused on delivering and implementing tomorrow’s perimeter security solutions by combining the best in class solutions from a wide variety of global manufacturers. SRi has been the supplier of choice of the Ministry of Education of the largest Secondary School Security programme in Trinidad and Tobago utilizing the Wirewall™-202 High Security Fence System. Customer Listing (a short list of major projects done in the last 5 years): Government Information Services Limited (GIS) Special Anti-Crime Unit of Trinidad & Tobago (SAUTT) The Sport Company of Trinidad & Tobago (SPORTT) Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) Telecommunications Services of Trinidad & Tobago (TSTT) National Maintenance Training & Security Company Limited (MTS) Industrial Plant Services Limited (IPSL) Trinmar Operations / Petrotrin

13 System Specifications
Wirewall™ System Specifications Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence FENCE SYSTEM 202 SPECIFICATIONS 509 SPECIFICATIONS Height of Fence 8’ to 28’ 6’ / 8’ Post Centres 7’ 6’ Mesh Dimension ½” x 3” Post Rectangular “C” Post: 3¼” x 2½” Ref: ASTM F1043 2” Square Post Wire (Ref: ASTM A853) Carbon Steel Grade AISI 1006 Tensile Strength 70,000 psi Tensile Strength 50,000 psi Gauge 8 12.5 Bolts and Studs (Ref: ASTM A307) Carbon Steel 60,000 psi Tensile Strength Coating Hot Dipped Zinc – Galvanized 1.2oz Zinc/Sq ft Polyester Powder Coating PVC Bond Coating






19 Wirewall™ Regional Projects Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence
St. Barb’s Government Primary, Trinidad, West Indies Mucurapo Junior & Senior Secondary School, Trinidad, West Indies Mt. Hope Junior Secondary, Trinidad, West Indies Aranguez Junior Secondary, Trinidad, West Indies Diego Martin Junior Secondary, Trinidad, West Indies Arima Senior Comprehensive, Trinidad, West Indies Five Rivers Junior Secondary, Trinidad, West Indies Sangre Grande Junior Secondary, Trinidad, West Indies North Eastern College, Trinidad, West Indies Barataria Junior & Senior Secondary, Trinidad, West Indies St. Francois Girls’ College, Trinidad West Indies St. Augustine Senior Secondary, Trinidad, West Indies El Dorado Junior & Senior Secondary, Trinidad, West Indies Moruga Composite School, Trinidad, West Indies Pt. Fortin Senior Secondary School, Trinidad, West Indies Curepe Junior Secondary School, Trinidad, West Indies Ste. Madeleine Secondary School, Trinidad, West Indies University of Trinidad & Tobago - Maritime Campus St. Michael’s School for Boys Blanchisseuse Composite School Methanol Company of Trinidad & Tobago Limited St. Mary’s Children Home Golden Grove Prison T&TEC compound Sea Lots Couva Magistrate Court

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