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Christianity: Terminology Christ (founder) Christians (followers) Christianity (religion)

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1 Christianity: Terminology Christ (founder) Christians (followers) Christianity (religion)

2 Christianity: Religion Christianity Roman Catholic Eastern Orthodoxy (West East Roman Empire) Roman Catholic Protestant (M. Luther)>Various Denominations Catholic All are Christians

3 New Curriculum Emphasis ?? Previous HKCEE Curriculum (NT & OT) Now on Jesus Christ (founder) Historical Approach (objective, verifiable) (vs. religious or personal) = 3 Perspectives (past, present, future) Heritage of Jesus Christ Life of Jesus Christ Perception of Jesus Christ

4 I)Heritage of Jesus Christ = Background 1) Historical Background 1) =Old Testament (Jewish Bible in itself) 2) Its themes serve as heritage of the new rel. 2) Socio-political Context (within Palestine) 1) Under Roman governorship 2) Under Greek Culture 3) Striving for Independence (Maccabees) 4) Political Groups: Herodians, Zealots, Sadducees 5) Religious Groups: Pharisees, Essenes

5 II)Life of Jesus Christ = The Origin of Christianity A)Deeds (The 4 Gospels, esp. Mark) Includes: Birth, Ministry, Miracles, Passion, Resurrection and Ascension

6 II)Life of Jesus Christ B)Words (teachings) 1) Kingdom of God Its presence Its entrance Its future: New Element: Eschatology (Mark 13) + 2Peter 3:9 … 2) Will of God (Ethics) About discipleship Parables (means) Law

7 III)Perception of Jesus Christ =The Continuation of Jesus Ministry A) Jesus Identity teacher, prophet, Messiah, Son of man, Son of God, etc. As perceived by his surrounding people B)Development of the Early Church Ascension – Pentecost – Persecution – Spreading to Gentiles – Jerusalem Council - Rome

8 III)Perception of Jesus Christ C) Development of Basic Christian Belief 1) Faith and Salvation Pauls concept of salvation (diff. emphases): Justification by Faith (Forensic, legal) Change of Sovereignty (Slave of Evil or God) Unity with God (Baptism metaphor, Rom6) James complement to Pauls Justification 2)New Commandment (Distinctive of Xty) Love one another (Love neighbors as one self, take care of the weak, vs survival for the fittest, etc.)

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