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To pursue my love Name: chenguanbiao No: X2012153040.

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1 To pursue my love Name: chenguanbiao No: X2012153040

2 Love means giving. Love means paying attention to others. Love means giving warmth to the one you love. Love also means understanding. In my opinion

3 Everyone want to find true love that really belongs to their own, but how to find the love in the daily life? Which confused everybody in the life? How can I find my love

4 Life is full of love. Love in various forms to show in my life, but I often ignore its existence. And often to complain about life dissatisfaction, quarrels with the people who love me, and let them heartbroken.

5 Variety of love There is a lot of love around us Love, is maybe cherish my parent give to me. Love, is maybe family members care about each other. Love, is maybe the friendship between student and teacher, friends, colleagues, classmates, and is also people-to-people who care for each other. And the most unforgettable is the love between lovers.

6 Life is not without love, but we found a lack of love's eyes. Love can be very simple, just as on a cold day, we get a cup of hot tea from a stranger or we give a cool drink to someone else on a hot day, without any words. Variety of love

7 Love can be very easy, when you are waiting for the bus at the station or shopping in the crowded, say hello, excuse me etc. to foreigners to make them feel at home, do a favor if they need help Variety of love

8 Everyone has her or his own definition about love, but I believe love is composed of a kind heart, tolerance, understanding,and action. Everyone should love! Therefore, we should be able to find all kinds of love in our life, brave to pursue our love and love the people who love us. Variety of love

9 Love, is a kind of strong feeling in our mind. Love, make me have courage to conquer any obstacles. Love, like the bright lighthouse on the sea, guiding us to sail towards the correct direction. Where there is love there are always miracle

10 I am deeply moved by this picture. On May 12th, 2008, a big earthquake happened in Wenchuan. A mother disregard her own safety to protect her child. Where there is love there are always miracle

11 Without love, life has no meaning or purpose. As Frank Tebbets says, "A life without love in it is like a heap of ashes upon a deserted hearth, with the fire dead, the laughter stilled and the light extinguished." Love allows us to be more and do more than we could ever accomplish without its power. Where there is love there are always miracle

12 Would we feel disappointed if we were in a poor family? Would we just complain that what we had was much less than others? Or would we cry over our shabby house? Maybe our answer is yes. Family love

13 What is family love? Every time I ask to myself, there is no word in my mind to grasp the real meaning about this love.But I can easily get warm, help and understanding from my family. Family love

14 this is my family, my father, my mother, two sisters and me. In traditional Chinese thought, Family should have a boy, So I have. Family love

15 I was born in 1980s, China is just beginning of reform and opening up, China's economic is not prosperity as now, the relative supplies of food and materials are also scarce. So my family is very poor when I was born. Family love

16 Although I was born in a poor family, but I have a harmonious family. Childhood is the happiest time of my life. Because the family gave me warm, let me feel the love, also let me learn a lot. Family love

17 When I was very young, my parents often tell me lots of stories, such as Kongrong share the pears, Three monks, Authentic wall steal light and so on. Family love

18 So when I was very young, in my mind establish a concept that one for all, all for one. we should unite as one and help each other. hare the joys and sorrows. We must be diligent, and continuous learning. Family love

19 What is friendship? Why do we call a person our friend? When do we call someone a very good friend? Love between friends

20 If we care for a person If we are always ready to help that person If we share most of our thoughts with a person, etc. Then, they are our good friends. Love between friends

21 Friends, who I can always count upon in an emergency. Friends, who I am always sure that will understand why I act in a certain way. Friends,who I need not explain anything. Love between friends

22 In my life, I have many friends. They gave me great support. They accompany me when I am lonely, give me comfort when I am depressed, give me help when I am in trouble. Love between friends

23 Love between lovers is an enduring topic, is the eternal theme in human life. Since we are all moved by love of one kind or another, and their story I shed tears for them. Throughout history people of many different cultures have regarded love as the noblest of human emotions. Love between lovers

24 What is love? Love is a strong attachment between people, close to, longing, and their unselfish loyal and nothing different emotional heart. In fact, there is an definite answer to what is love. You asked how many people will have many kinds of answers, because each person's thoughts and ideas are different, the pursuit is different and the answer is different. Love between lovers

25 There are lots of beautiful love stories. Love regardless of national boundaries, We know liang shan bo and zhu yingtai Cowherd and Weaver Girl; We also know Romeo and Juliet Jack and rose. Love between lovers

26 What is your love story? Love between lovers

27 Love although only four letters in the English language, but it contains rich content. Love, we can put it as the abbreviation of four words. Love : loyal, observant, valiant, enjoyment Love between lovers

28 Lloyal. Loyalty represents the uniqueness of love, half-hearted, with affection not only is not true love. Oobservant. Since love is the heart strong emotions, is a natural thing by heart. Vvaliant. Love somebody please speak out loudly. To pursue your love bravely. Eenjoyment. Love of cause is a happy thing. Love between lovers

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