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Vicoli e Arte It takes place in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Ariano Irpino, a sort of "open air museum", with its narrow streets, hidden squares.

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1 Vicoli e Arte It takes place in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Ariano Irpino, a sort of "open air museum", with its narrow streets, hidden squares and its cellars carved in the sandstone. Artisans will be showcasing their skilled and creative manual work, the flavors of local food and music provide additional recreation. Regional treasure hunt in Europe Ariano Irpino

2 The Sante Spine - Since 1502 Some Holy thorns were given to Ariano Irpino in the thirteenth century by Carlo D'Angio. Every year, in August, a historical memory of the event is organized. The inhabitants wear medieval clothes and parade through the town from the castle to the cathedral, where the holy thorns are stored. During the parade various artists, including fire eaters, jugglers, stilt walkers, flag parades, falconers, archers and warriors, take place in the street.

3 Ariano Irpino The lighting of the bell tower The lighting of the bell tower is the final event of the the holy thorns celebration. During a battle between the people from Ariano and the invaders, the village of Ariano Irpino was burned.To commemorate this event, the fireworks are placed across the main square and when they go on, it seems that the square is engulfed with flames.

4 The "Pasquarella" is a typical melody sung in Monteleone It is sung in the streets of the town center by groups of people who celebrate on Holy Friday and Holy Saturday and announce the end of Lent Monteleone di puglia Feast of the patron of Monteleone di Puglia: San Rocco

5 Monteleone di puglia Black pig festival - Since 1802 The black pig has a political and historical significance of great value for our community. The festival takes place during the Caciocavallo patronal festivities in honor of Maria SS. into Heaven and St. Rocco. Cavatelli and celery A famous dish which is prepared in Monteleone di Puglia during the celebration of its Patron

6 TRADITIONAL MONUMENTS Villanova del battista Among the most important monuments of Villanova del Battista there is: the cannon (war memorial) and the bell tower of the mother Church of this country. Both monuments are of great importance for citizens for the events that occurred in the past.

7 RELIGIOUS RITES Villanova del battista The most important ritual is the procession in honor of St. John the Baptist, the patron of the town. To the Saint are dedicated a two-day festival: - June 24th (date of birth) - August 29th (commemoration of the martyrdom) The procession starts from the church, and after having walked along the streets of the town it goes back to the church. The statue of the saint is carried on the shoulders of four men, as in the old times. According to the tradition, in the past they ate home made macaroni at lunch with chicken meat and wine in abundance. Finally, in the evening there is a firework show; fireworks of all shapes and colors.

8 Tradition Villanova del battista The Giglio Every year at Villanova, there is the custom of creating the Giglio. A majestic thatched structure, handmade, 30 metres high. The tradition of the translation has been passed down from the most ancient times, since 1920. Tradition says that if it fell during the translation, the town would suffer a severe misfortune. In fact, in the year 1979 it fell, and the following year there was an earthquake that caused big problems. At the center of the structure there is the statue of the Protector and it is pulled by a tractor and strings are held by young and old people for its equilibrium.

9 TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE Villanova del battista Until 1930 in our country the wedding was an event involving all inhabitants. First the young boys were influenced by their parents in the choice of the future wife. Home is her family; he used to sent lu masciatore to the woman he wanted to marry and there was abundant praise of the future groom. If the embassy had good results for the lover, they would set the wedding date. The religious wedding was celebrated on Saturday with a few close friends, who were invited for the lunch on Saturday which consisted of codfish and olive oil. The next day, on Sunday, she wore the wedding dress of the time: a very fine silk bodice and light-colored pleated skirt on it. A light silk handkerchief covered he head. After Mass they went for lunch that lasted till evening. On Monday, they were still all together for another very abundant lunch. The following Sunday the guests gave still honor to the young wife participating to the grand dining room that concluded the festivities. Those eight days became unforgettable.

10 SantAnna Savignano irpino Sant'Anna is the patron saint of Savignano Irpino. Is celebrated on July 26th carrying the statue along the streets of the town. The festivity of Sant'Anna is a characteristic moment of aggregation when many emigrants come back to their native place. It is said that during the earthquake the vault of the church collapsed while the chapel of Sant'Anna did not suffer damager.

11 Castrum Sabinarium Savignano irpino The castle, called "Castrum Sabinarium", was built between the VI e VIII century; it probably was a defensive fortress before being transformed in the noble mansion Guevara. The earthquake of 1732 damaged the structure. Today, you can admire the tall and thick walls with arched windows in the particular local stone.

12 Orecchiette Savignano irpino The festivities in honor of Sant'Anna endi in August with the festival of the "orecchiette". The special feature of the "orecchiette" is that they are hand- made by the women of the little town who offer them to the saint. The ingredients are flour, water and eggs. They are served with tomato sauce and accompanied by good wine. In order to celebrate the unification of Italy it was served with green and cherry tomatoes to remember the colours of the Italian flag.

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