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E A S T E R ГОУ ВАО ЦО 1925 Автор: Рожина Виктория 4 «A» класс Руководитель: Бирюкова М.М.

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2 E A S T E R ГОУ ВАО ЦО 1925 Автор: Рожина Виктория 4 «A» класс Руководитель: Бирюкова М.М.

3 1. Introduction 2. Easter Symbols 3. Easter Traditions 4. Conclusion

4 Women and children will wear their Easter bonnets. In the Spring, you'll hear the various musical sonnets. April will bring many rain showers. That'll bring us various beautiful flowers. One special flower for this day is the Easter Lily. It's color is white, and yet snowy & milky. Easter holiday, is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ! Jesus Christ, the Son of God, bled and died for us in a sacrifice. This Spring day is celebrated generally in the month of April. Easter is the first Sunday after the full moon - the moons Spring Equinox. All of the bright and pretty colors, of the Easter outfits with frills.

5 Eggs Easter Rabbit White lilies Easter candles Palm branches

6 Coloured Eggs Eggs symbolize new life. Eggs have been a symbol of spring since ancient times. The egg is also a symbol of the rock tomb of which Christ emerged when he rose again. Eggs are brightly painted to reflect the sunlight in spring. The chick, hatching out of the egg, symbolizes new life and rebirth. Back to symbols

7 Rabbit (Easter Bunny) The hare was a symbol of abundant life in ancient times. The hare reminds us of spring and new life. Back to symbols

8 I saw a little bunny going hop, hop, hop. I said, "Please, Mr. Bunny, won't you stop, stop, stop." He flapped his big, long ears and had no word to say, And before I could get near him he had hop, hop, hopped away! Back to symbols

9 White lilies White lilies symbolize the purity of Jesus. Legend has it that lilies were found growing in the garden of Gethsamane after Christ was crucified. Supposedly, they sprang up where drops of Christ's sweat fell to the ground. Lilies also symbolize new life and resurrection of Christ. Back to symbols

10 Easter candles Easter candles symbolize Jesus, the light of the world. Back to symbols

11 Palm branches Palm branches represent when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem on the first Palm Sunday. Back to symbols

12 Church service Eating Hot Cross Buns Easter Bonnet Parade Egg Hunt Egg Rolling

13 Church service People gather to pray when the sun appears and then in procession go to the church. Back to traditions

14 Hot Cross Buns One of the Easter traditions is eating Hot Cross Buns. These buns have a cross of icing on the top to remind people of Christ. Back to traditions

15 Easter Bonnet Parade Easter is a time of springtime festivals. This custom is originated with the tradition of buying new clothes for Easter which people wore to church. After church services everyone went for a walk around the town. The most famous parades are along Fifth Avenue in New York and in Battersea Park in London. Back to traditions

16 According to the legend, the tradition of the egg hunt was born in Germany where a white hare spends Easter Eve hiding eggs which children can find the next day. Egg Hunt Back to traditions

17 Egg Rolling Egg rolling symbolizes the stone which rolled away from the tomb where Jesus was laid. Egg-rolling is a traditional Easter pastime which is still popular in Britain. It takes place on Easter Sunday or Monday, and consists of rolling coloured, hard-boiled eggs down a slope until they are cracked and broken. Back to traditions

18 Easter commemorates us of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But remember we must, that the Lord died for us and ascended into heaven to give us fresh lives for each and every one of us. back

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