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by Mimtsoudis Iordanis

2 Knitted handicrafts In our region, it is very usual for old, mainly, women to knit, because that was their work, when they were young. During that period, women all they had to do was to make handicrafts, like these ones, so as to be prepared to get married

3 Knitted handicrafts Particularly, there was a tradition, according to which, each woman, who was ready for her marriage, she should give dowry to her husband, that is to say that she was obligated to have made table-cloths, towels and other decorative handicrafts.

4 Knitted handicrafts That means, that all women should have some creative skills, if they wanted to make a family. Besides, the dowry showed the financial status of the bride's family.



7 Traditional female costumes
These were the traditional costumes until the 60's. Women made them by themselves and they wore them during their everyday life. These costumes were probably part of the dowry.


9 Traditional female costumes
Nowadays, you can see costumes like these ones in museums or in some public feasts, where women, who dance traditional dances, wear them. Also, there are still traditional weddings, in which the bride wears her costume.


11 Here you can see women with their costumes, who are going to dance in the feast of their village.

12 The loom and its products
This is a loom. It's a machine that was used, in order to weave threads and create some useful handicrafts.

13 Here there is a blanket, a table-cloth and a carpet
Here there is a blanket, a table-cloth and a carpet. All these are products of the local women, who weaved them using the loom.



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