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Chapters 4-6 Study Guide. The saying means As the peasant says….

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1 Chapters 4-6 Study Guide

2 The saying means As the peasant says….

3 Hannah was in named in honor of Aunt Evas deceased friend.

4 I have all my teeth and all my hair, two fine workhorses, a four-room house, and twenty acres of land beside. I work hard and I do not smell all that bad. (page 25)

5 A-doo, A-doo- the echoing sound of the rooster.

6 Schmuel says a girls dreams, like her life, should be sweet and filled with honey.

7 Do you think it strange, little Chaya, that I – Shmuel Abramowicz- with an arm like a tree and, as Gitl says, a head like a stone.

8 Shmuel admits that he is afraid of GETTING married, but not afraid of BEING married.

9 The milk was actually unpasteurized cream with things floating in it.

10 Shmuel is following the old tradition of the groom fasting before his wedding.

11 Thwack- the sound of the coffeepot being placed on the table.

12 Yitzchak gave Shmuel and Fayge two cages of chickens for their wedding.

13 Two little blond-haired children, no more than three or four years old. (page 39) Reuven-little boy Tzipporah-little girl

14 The bathroom was a privy, an outhouse, which did not have any lights.

15 The dress was a dark blue sailor-suit dress with white piping at the sleeves and neck, and a blue sash belt. Hannah called it a shmatte meaning rag.

16 Gitl put two blue velvet ribbons in Hannahs plaits. Gitl was originally going to use the ribbons on her wedding night.

17 Hannah felt a lot like the chickens, nervous about all the loud, strange men and laughing, chattering women. (page 44)

18 The girls said their fathers named Gitl, Gitl the Bear.

19 Shifre-..had a pale freckled face and eyelashes so light they could not be seen. It made her eyes look shifty. (pg47) Esther- And Esther was plump with rosy cheeks and a mouth that seemed to rest in a pout. She was round like an Easter egg. (pg 47) Yente- ….had a ferrety face, sharp in chin and nose, and a yellowish complexion. (pg47) Rachel- declared herself as Hannahs best friend. She had shallow breathing.

20 The girls were shocked that Hannah was friends with someone who had such a goyish name. When Hannah revealed that Rosemary WAS Catholic, the girls were shocked that a Jew and a Catholic were friends.


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