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Unit 3 Copyright © 2006

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1 Unit 3 Copyright © 2006

2 A head This is my head

3 A face This is my face

4 An eye An eye These are my eyes

5 A nose This is my nose

6 A mouth This is my mouth

7 An ear An ear These are my ears

8 hair This is my hair

9 toe toes

10 A leg A leg These are my legs

11 arm

12 hand

13 foot

14 teeth These are my teeth

15 A neck This is my neck

16 finger

17 elbow

18 knee

19 shoulder

20 back

21 This is his head This is his body These are his arms
These are his legs These are his feet

22 The clown His face is blue Yes/No His mouth is blue His hand is red His nose is green His feet are grey The doll Her eyes are green Her hair is brown Her dress is green Her face is orange Her legs are black



25 yes no no yes no yes


27 a c e a e e s o t f e

28 my her his her his

29 That the end of our lesson
See you next time Good Bye Assalamu'alaikum

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