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The Devil’s Arithmetic

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1 The Devil’s Arithmetic
By: Jane yolen

2 Story Map Legend Home Setting Characters Character study Problem
Resolution Plot

3 Setting New Rochelle New York in the present
Spring of 1942 in Polish Villages and a concentration camp

4 Characters Present Hannah- Is Jewish and has braces and brown and eyes
Past Chaya’s- Parents died of a sickness Shmuel- is getting married to Fagye, is a big gentle man Gitl known as “the bear,”- is not married and is Shmuel’s sister Fagye- is getting married to Shmuel

5 Character Study Hannah doesn’t care about Passover
Hannah hates remembering things Hannah doesn’t care for people but herself in the beginning Chaya tries to survive the holocaust Chaya cares for other people Chaya saved Rivika by sacrificing her life

6 Problem Hannah goes back in time and experiences the life of the Jews during the holocaust and she tries to go back to the present but can’t.

7 Plot Hannah is tired of remembering about the Passover but when she opens the door for Elijah she goes back to the past. When she went to the Concentration camps they cut her hair off and she forgot her memory.

8 Resolution Hannah cares about what happened to her in the past because she knows the hard times that her Aunt Eva faced.

9 Bibliography Yolen, Jane. The Devil’s Arithmetic. New York: Puffin Books, 1988.

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