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Describing people.

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1 Describing people

2 Describing People Hello! I’m Salvatore and I’m 18 years old. I’m a student at the University. I don’t like my physical appearance very much. I’m tall and thin, but I've got a big forehead, a big hooked nose and wavy hair. Hey… I’m a funny boy!

3 Describing People Hello! I’m Giuseppe and I’m 15 years old. I’m a bricklayer. I don’t like school. I’m tall and slim and I've got freckles, small brown eyes and I’m red haired. I like playing football and my dream is being a football player.

4 Describing People Hello! My name’s Aurelia. I’m an accountant and I’m 20. I’m tall and elegant and I’ve got light brown eyes and very long dark brown curly hair. I like going to the cinema and to the disco.

5 Describing People She’s Leda. She’s a student and she’s 14.
She’s travelled to Germany, Greece and France but she likes her town in Italy. She’s medium sized, she’s got short curly hair and she likes comfortable clothes.

6 Describing People - Head
Face: oval, round, square; Eyes: big, small; blue, brown, green, dark; Hair: long, shoulder-length, short; dark, light, brown, black, red, blond straight, wavy, curly Nose/ mouth/ ears. Moustache, beard

7 Describing People His name is Leoluca. He is eighteen.
He has got…hair, …face,…thick eyebrows and a … smile. He is a bricklayer, too.

8 Describing People

9 Describing People

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