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Stacey and James August 10 th 2001. In our backyard the week before the wedding. Much Canadian beer sampling was had!

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1 Stacey and James August 10 th 2001

2 In our backyard the week before the wedding. Much Canadian beer sampling was had!

3 Teaching the Canadians the art of footy!

4 Where did she get that from Chris?

5 The strippers for the bucks night were great! Im not sure what shes laughing at though?

6 Looking through the album – a few tears were shed.

7 The night before the wedding – and its already begun! Apparently Stacey thinks I talk too much!

8 The ceremony begins! Bridesmaids Ashley, Sarah and Julie come down the aisle.

9 Staceys mum (or mom) walks down the aisle.

10 Jim about to give his daughter away!

11 Brad, Luke, Paul, James, Teri Hope, Stacey, Julie, Sarah and Ash. Teri Hope, a humanist, delivered the ceremony.

12 The ceremony was held outdoors at the Kortright Conservation Centre north of Toronto.

13 Mum didnt cry, honest she didnt!

14 You may now kiss the groom! And you can kiss the bride too if you like! Stacey and James after their vows.

15 And now its official! Stacey thinks this means shes now entitled to be always right!

16 Brad and Julie after the ceremony. Not sure if Julie caught the bouquet!

17 Stacey looks happy! Stacey had organised pretty much everything for the wedding. It was a relief to have it all go off so well.

18 Mum and dad looked great – even in black and white!

19 My aunt Cathy had given me a cuff link of her fathers to wear for the wedding. Laurie – or Lorma Laurence Smith

20 Staceys new family.

21 My new family! Brad, Rick, Barb, Doris, Stacey and James, Marg, Cory, Rob and Ash.

22 Stacey and her Grandma Doris

23 Brad, Deb, Jim and Mr. and Mrs. Danckert Brad, Rick Barb and Mr. and Mrs. Danckert My new family take 2!

24 Stacey with her two Jims! …and the rest of the guys!

25 James and his best man.

26 The guys.

27 Stacey and her maid of honour Julie The Bridesmaids Stacey and Sarah Stacey and cousin Ashley

28 The girls.

29 The whole gang!

30 People say I look like him – handsome bugger isnt he?

31 Stacey with her folks – Barb and Jim

32 Beautiful isnt she?

33 James and Stacey sittin in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G.!

34 Uncle Rob was our MC Apparently a funny guy! The clinking of the glasses was actually to make us stop kissing!

35 Mmmmm, chocolate!

36 Tying the knot! Stacey and I asked people to tie a little message onto this rope after we had tied a figure 8 knot in it.

37 We had our first dance (shuffle around in circles) to the song Angel by Sarah McLachlan

38 And then everyone had a dance!

39 Our good buddies… The Caseys were there!

40 Smiles all around! Tim and Jules have been married for 6 years and live near Bancroft in Northern Ontario.

41 Cousin Cory and his Altoids – Curiously refreshing!

42 …and there! Love was in thair!

43 Ash and the two Julies -not sure if thats relief or red wine on their faces?

44 Gene Symmonds re-incarnate! Now we know what Bernie sees in him!

45 Grandma Doris with Dick and Gerry Doris said grace for us before dinner.

46 All the way from the UK via Australia Marc and Virginia Tiff and Paul

47 The party continued into the night!

48 The day after at Robs place – boys will be boys! I won the fights by the way

49 Stacey and I after setting some lady bugs free!

50 For our honeymoon we spent three days at Niagara-On-The-Lake at the Shaw Festival and then took a road trip with a few friends. We started in… and drove through… and…

51 We drove through the prairies! For TWO days!

52 Along the way Stacey and I considered investing in some very traditional Canadian housing for our very own!

53 All so we could get to… …so we could go camping in the Rockies!

54 Unfortunately a few innocent bugs were killed along the way! Notice the number plate? We were driving the Devils RV!

55 We got to Banff and set up the honeymoon suite!

56 The Chalet at Lake Louise We saw some sights. Banff Springs Hotel Sean, Scott, Jeff, Janice, Rob and Stacey in front.

57 Hoodoos at Bow River Valley (With Bear claw marks on trees at the river bed!) The three sisters – a little larger than the ones in the Blue Mountains!

58 Peyto Lake – near the Columbia Ice Fields. From this angle the lake forms an outline of a dog!

59 And the Columbia Ice Fields themselves!

60 The Angel Glacier at Mt. Edith Cavell

61 There was lots of driving – and Stacey thought a vacation should entail more sleeping than it actually did!

62 We did some hiking. Stacey, Janice and Scott at a half finished tea house 200 meters from the summit of Mt. Lady McDonald. Dont feed the ferocious wildlife!

63 At Lake Louise we made our own Inukshuk Its a kind of rock person native Americans put up as a symbolising human emotions and connectivity. Climbers and hikers seem to put them up along paths as a Guardian Angel to guide your way.

64 And we did some climbing! Nice hat! Stacey

65 I got to lead my first sport climb! Clipping… …clipping……clipped!

66 Finally I made it to the top! …only to find I had been beaten by some Big Horn Sheep!

67 And then we drove back home again!

68 Stacey and I appreciate all the support we have received from our family and friends. We loved our wedding day and hope that this little gesture can help those of you who were there remember it and give those of you who werent able to be with us a taste of what it was like. We both look forward to a lifetime together and hope that we can have many shared experiences with all of you. Wherever we choose to lay our hats we will always make an effort to narrow the distances between us and our friends and family. Well make sure you can always find us and we can always find you. Thanks again. Thank You!

69 Bye! Well see you soon!

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