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By Katie White. Please enjoy watching my slideshow.

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1 By Katie White. Please enjoy watching my slideshow.

2 Finally! It’s CAMP! A shower of excitement came rushing through the gate.WOW the noise! Everyone packed their bags into the trailer and went and said good-bye to all of their friends at school. These are some of my highlight’s of Camp Kaitawa. The bumpy road trip, the tiring walk up the biggest mountain, Michael Noonan’s grave, the SPECTACULAR waterfall’s, and packing away the dorms. What a great camp the year 6’s had.

3 Monday Firstly the big bumpy road trip to camp Kaitawa. We got into our cars and headed off on the big road playing I spy, Truth dare or command and 20 Questions. It was fun on the trip. When we got there we wanted to relax and sit down. But no we got ready for our boundaries around the camp. After that we went for a walk. We saw the pipelines and saw Kaitawa power station. We walked back, had dinner and the D.O.C had a talk to us about kiwi’s, ferret’s and stoats and traps to catch them with.

4 Tuesday Secondly The big tiring walk. We went into our cars and drove to the Big walk(Ngamoko). The road was really windy. We still made it there. It was hard pushing yourself up there but I made it! Me and Miss Hewett stuck together. Encouraging each other to made it up to the top by saying we’ve got to go down the other side once we get to the top. We started to go down. Miss Hewett kept falling on her bottom. It was slippery. The muscles were mostly in pain. Tuesday was a good day.

5 Wednesday Thirdly Michael Noonan’s Grave. The next day we drove to see Michael Noonan’s grave. We walked up a little hill. It took about 5 minutes. We walked and walked until we got there. Group by group we went and saw MN’S grave. There was also a 43 year old man and a nine month old baby boy. My group was group 2 called the Kakapo’s. It was interesting seeing the graves.

6 Thursday Waterfalls The waterfall’s were spectacular. Miss Hewett took heaps of photos. We had lunch on a huge trailer. We saw heaps of native birds and native trees. We also went caving, the best part of the week. Miss Hewett went on her hands and knees through the small cave. She could have gone over but it was slippery on the mud ladder. Grace said she would go under if Miss Hewett did so Miss Hewett did. But Grace went over and a parent lifted her over the top. It was Miles, Lisa's dad. The talent show that night was awesome. We had heaps of laughs especially Mr C’s mice show.

7 Friday Packing away the dorms. Packing away the dorms was fun because you have something to do. Ella lost her favourite blanket she’s had it since she was a baby. But the next week she said she found it in her sleeping bag so that was all good. We found a lot of lost property - not much but a few. We had a fun time on the tennis court and little field. It was fun. We hit the road and headed off on the road. We stopped for an ice block. Finally HOME!!!

8 Fun What a great camp the year 6’s had. The year 6’s will keep their memories for a long time. They would probably think of the pain but the fun times at the same time.

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