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Presentation prepared by: Mr. Leng Chhay Some practical information on Cambodian Wedding Process.

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1 Presentation prepared by: Mr. Leng Chhay Some practical information on Cambodian Wedding Process

2 AN EXHAUSTED FULL DAY OF EVENT A day prior to the wedding day Make up time Groom procession Parents greeting Ring exchange Hair cut Marriage blessing Small trip (if any) Receptions / party Some minor order might change according to the wise man (Achar). Wise man is a person, who leads the process of the event. Leng Chhay 2Cambodian Wedding Process

3 A day prior to the wedding day No long distance travel Do not undertake any big physical activities Make sure you will not have diarrhea Save all your energy Sleep well Be prepared for tomorrow Leng Chhay 3Cambodian Wedding Process

4 Make up time On the wedding day Wake up early Take shower Go to the make up room (will be informed) Meet the makeup person(s) Make up activities done Go with the groom ushers and wise man Leng Chhay 4Cambodian Wedding Process

5 Groom procession Hear instruction from the wise man Stay on a road side in front of the line of many people (accompanied by the groom ushers), who carry fruits and cakes Khmer live music on, sound of gong on Start walking towards the brides house (normally about 100-200 meters) Arrive at brides house. She comes out to receive the groom into the house. Sit down Leng Chhay 5Cambodian Wedding Process

6 Parents greeting Wise man will decide about the order Both greet the parents of the groom, then the parents of the bride Music on, singer sings to show the fruits and cakes the grooms troop brought for the bride Wise man asks for grooms parents agreement and then asks the brides parents. Leng Chhay 6Cambodian Wedding Process

7 Ring exchange Rings for groom and bride prepared in advance Bride prepares ring for the groom and groom prepare the ring for the bride Groom places the ring on the brides finger, and then bride do the same to the groom. Leng Chhay 7Cambodian Wedding Process

8 Hair cut Change clothes (both bride and groom) Sit in the middle between the bride maids and the groom ushers (there are normally 3 brides maids and 3 grooms ushers). Two Khmer singers will start speaking and joking Khmer music on, and they sing and joke all the time. Finally they get scissor and a comb, and start the hair cut (just pretend – no real cut, wishing good wealth for the new couple) Other relatives start to cut the hair for bride and groom to make them look good and by doing so, the pair will be wealthy and happy. This takes around 60-90 minutes. Many audiences! Leng Chhay 8Cambodian Wedding Process

9 Marriage blessing Change clothes Both sit on the mat, hands on the pillow Wedding music on Relatives start to put a red string on wrist of bride and groom to recognize their spouse relationships. Some relatives might give a ring. Finally, both stand up and the bride accompanies the groom into her room Leng Chhay 9Cambodian Wedding Process

10 Small trip (if any) After lunch Change clothes A car will accompany the bride and the groom including the maids to visit a beautiful garden to take some photos for good wedding album. Leng Chhay 10Cambodian Wedding Process

11 Receptions / party In the afternoon (about 5:00PM onwards) Party will be prepared in a restaurant Bride and groom stay at the door and greet the guests, who come to the party. Eating and drinking. A lot of people will come. Bride and groom can visit people at each table. About 7:00PM – wedding cake. Bride and groom can make a short speech, assisted by a moderator, then everyone start to sing together. Blow out the candles, cut the cake, offer to parents, friends etc. Finally, dancing!!! Leng Chhay 11Cambodian Wedding Process

12 Important Notes Photographer and video man will take the pictures throughout the event (hundreds of pictures will be taken). Wedding clothes will be hired from the make up persons, who will change the clothes several times (especially for the bride). Some other steps will might be added as people prefer to mix with Chinese or Western tradition. Leng Chhay 12Cambodian Wedding Process

13 Any question? Please contact Mr. Leng Chha y E-mail: Website: Thank You for your attention ! 13Cambodian Wedding Process

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