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Helping Israeli Companies Reach Out to the World. Helping the World Reach Us. The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute is the premier gateway.

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2 Helping Israeli Companies Reach Out to the World. Helping the World Reach Us. The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute is the premier gateway for doing business with Israeli companies, from conventional trade through joint ventures and on to strategic alliances. The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute

3 Superior business information network Detailed knowledge about your industry Comprehensive information about Israeli companies Introductions to senior officials in government ministries, financial institutions and research organizations The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute

4 For the PAMPERING For the SENSES Spa Clinic Salon Home Softness Scent Splendor Smoothness COME TO BEAUTY BY ISRAEL

5 Natural, organic and conventional formulations For premium and mass markets Hot and sunny climate: skincare excellence Dead Sea ingredients with curative properties Local plants and herbs Look better, feel better, be better

6 Industrial and boutique production Advanced research and laboratories Modern manufacturing methods Superior container and package designs Meet Ecocert and other international standards Private label production Make your business look better too

7 Chains like Target, Sephora and T.J.Maxx feature Israeli cosmetics and toiletries. Come see why.

8 Biscol Products: Dead Sea products Why meet Biscol Biscol invites you to open your life to the rich and magical atmosphere of endless wellness and enter a state where time cannot touch you. Biscol aspires to bring you products that combine the most advanced technology with nature's wisdom. You might want to think of it as a treatment and a treat. Skin care to its best at the reach of your fingertips. A mixture of good health and shining beauty.

9 Biscol

10 Chic Cosmetic Industries Products: Dead Sea and organic cosmetics, hair care and spa products Why visit Chic Cosmetic Industries Chic offers a variety of high quality cosmetic products (Dead Sea – Canaan skin and body care, SPA, Canaan Organics and Mogador hair care, make- up & nail products). Chic provides private label manufacturing services, including research & development and quality assurance.

11 Chic Cosmetic Industries

12 CTS Products: Rx and OTC medications Why meet CTS Balance energy – a new and innovative line offering balance for both body and soul. The line had Sesame oil body wash and seven individual body & hand creams and. Each one containing a special blend of natural essential oils to let you enjoy a unique and individual daily skincare experience which will nourish skin, mind and soul.

13 CTS

14 Ein Gedi Cosmetics ltd. Products: Dead Sea products and biblical perfumes Why visit Ein Gedi Cosmetics Ein Gedi Cosmetics was established in 1978 and it is one of Israel's leading manufacturer for cosmetics products from the Dead sea. Ein Gedi is well known in outstanding quality of its products, packaging, design and high reliability. All products do not contain parabens, SLS or mineral oil. We are currently undergoing European licensing GMP. We invite you to join us as a partner for a mutual success, and to benefit the best of Dead Sea products at special and competitive prices.

15 Ein Gedi Cosmetics ltd.

16 H.B Health & Beauty Ltd. Products: Dead Sea cosmetic products Why meet H.B Health & Beauty Health and Beauty is producing and marketing top quality cosmetic products. Face and body creams are Paraben free. All our ingredients are matching the CTFA, The CAS No, The EC directives on cosmetic products and the FDA instructions, our products are registered in Russia. These cosmetics are produced with Dead Sea minerals and vitamins enriched with plant extracts and aromatic oils, to make your skin healthy and glowing.

17 H.B Health & Beauty Ltd.

18 Kamedis Products: Natural dermo-cosmetic for various skin conditions Why visit Kamedis Kamedis integrates between traditional botanical medicine and advanced innovative methods of herbal extraction and manufacturing. Kamedis offers years of R&D of high quality therapeutic product line based on herbal extracts, mixture Traditional Chinese Medicine, pharmacology and biochemistry. Our product line provides alternative solution for chronic skin conditions such as Atopic Eczema, Psoriasis, Seborrheic Eczema and Acne without the use of steroids, cortisones or other chemical substances.

19 Kamedis

20 Linero Light LTD. Products: POS Cosmetics Display & Merchandising. Why visit Linero Light LTD. We offer our customers extensive experience and expertise in Cosmetics Point of Sale solutions, with flexible turnkey options that can fit your market needs. Linero Light have innovative development team that are highly experienced in fitting the products to the location requirements. Customers include: Revlon, ROC, L'Oreal, Careline, Soft Touch, Issy Miyaki, Jean Paul, Vera Wang and others.

21 Linero Light LTD.

22 Odeyah Industries Ltd. Products: Dead Sea cosmetics and skin care products Why visit Odeyah Industries Odeyah Industries was established by the Setton Brothers, who have been in the field of cosmetics production for 36 years. The company operates a production facility for cosmetics in the Jerusalem Industrial Area, not far from the Dead Sea region. Odeyahs range include some 80 products that pamper the entire body – face, body, feet, hair and nails – plus anti-ageing, slimming + firming, spa treatments and a mens line. Odeyah exports to over 18 countries, and holds ISO 9001-2000 and Israeli Ministry of Health GMP certifications.

23 Odeyah Industries Ltd.

24 You want the best for your customers. You want the best for you. Come visit the Israeli pavilion at Moscow 2011.

25 Ms. Eti Prish Business Development Manager Cosmetics and Toiletries The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute Tel: +972-3-514-2993 Fax: +972-3-514-2985 E-mail: Website: Contact Information:

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