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3 Tri-C™ Patent pending formula
Mystique Naturale has unearthed the world’s first purest full body spray on skin whitening treatment. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients. With unique Australian Products manufactured in our TGA licensed facilities. We have created the most advanced whitening formula and process on the market to date. Our Tri-C™ formula (patent pending) is the worlds first spray on whitening product ever to be released. With our revolutionary technology, Mystique Naturale products work in harmony with your skin to awaken your complexion. From our whitening product through to our body care, to soon to be released skincare, our range is designed to help your skin achieve its perfect balance. Each advanced formula is enriched with TRI-C™ and patent pending whitening formula, all natural plant extracts unearthed from Australia's pure and natural environment .

4 Introducing a Revolution in Skin Whitening Technology...
The Mystique MGX2000 Fully Automated spray on whitening. The most Unique, effective Naturale all over whitening Treatment in the market today Australian produced our Tri-C™, patent pending formula will achieve results in as little as 3 weeks. No Parabens No harsh Chemicals No Long term side effects Fast results Great profits Fully Automated Self Cleaning Maintenance Free 8 seconds full application Fast client turn around Great salon profits Introducing a Revolution in Skin Whitening Technology...

5 The Mystique MGX2000…… The Worlds First
Fully Automated Spray On Whitening Booth ……. The Mystique MGX2000 delivers the worlds first luminous full body skin whitening treatment … At the touch of a button eight automated atomising nozzles deliver luxurious patent pending formula providing a full body skin whitening treatment within 8 seconds Safe, effective and simple to operate, maintenance free

6 Naturally Beautiful Technology

7 Sensational Sleek Style, high sheen, metallic
self covered booth with stainless steel interior 8 static spray nozzles provide full body coverage to clients during treatments State of the art microprocessor controlled Automatic wash down system cleans whole unit between client treatments Card, token, meter or remote operated Safe, effective and easy to operate Fully Automated

8 Ideal for clients who……
Want to achieve a fair complexion Wish to dramatically decrease their dark skin tone Have darkened, uneven or damaged patches on their skin Salon Benefits…… Rapid client turnarounds with each booth having the capacity for a minimal of 6 clients per hour Low running costs Enviable profit margins Expand your profit potential with sales of Mystique complementary product range World first treatment Mystiques unique formula and Mystique Body Range

9 Clinical Trials Trials against leading market competitors prove
Depigmentation Results from Clinical Trials Trials performed over a period of 12 consecutive weeks Trials against leading market competitors prove that whilst competitor formulas resulted in initial skin lightening, unlike the Mystique formula they ceased to prove effective after a period of 3 weeks, whilst Mystique produced continuous results of lightening and brightening of the skin for up to 7 weeks.

10 Total Treatment Per year Cost of Spray Full Body Spray
Profit Calculator Usage RRP Per Treatment No. Sprays Per day Treatment Per Month Total Treatment Per year Revenue Per Day Per Year Cost of Spray Full Body Spray Annual Profit 100% $85.00 80 2080 24960 $40,800.00 $2,121,600.00 $624,000.00 $1,497,600.00 60% 48 1248 14976 $24,480.00 $1,272,960.00 $374,400.00 $898,560.00 40% 32 832 9984 $16,320.00 $848,640.00 $249,600.00 $599,040.00 30% 16 416 4992 $8,160.00 $424,320.00 $124,800.00 $299,520.00 10% 8 208 2496 $4,080.00 $212,160.00 $62,400.00 $149,760.00 5% 4 104 $2,040.00 $106,080.00 $31,200.00 $74,880.00 These figures are based on the salon operating 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Cost per of each treatment $25 AUD per full body treatment

11 Welcome to Mystique Naturale Body Care

We Guarantee it !! Our manufacturing facilities are state of the art with the latest emerging formulator for manufacturer of cosmetics. We are TGA, GMP licensed and have technical resource and expertise in manufacturing. We operate a brand new, comprehensively equipped facility in Silverwater Sydney that boasts outstanding hygiene and production efficiency. All manufacturing machineries are fully integrated and use computer controlled technology, accuracy and reliability in the production run. We have a purposed-built laboratory within our facility where a team of specialists will conduct a wide range of research and testing to fulfill the global needs. Also integral to the facility are dedicated storages and quarantine areas that ensure contamination-free and environmentally friendly operation at all times. Our manufacturing facilities are created blending the expertise of Quality Assurance, Cosmetic Chemistry, manufacturing, packaging and inventory management. Our dedicated development team is devoted to provide our clients with the latest, newest trend and technology available in the market. Our R&D team is dedicated to provide clients with the technical support, flair and innovations. Every formulation is evaluated for GMP and Regulatory Compliance.

13 Luminous Body Drench NATURALLY beautiful
Mystique Luminous Drench contains replenishing botanical complexes and soothing Mystique extracts to enhance the skin's natural elasticity, moisture and balance, ensuring a longer lasting luminous treatment to the skin. Your pampered body will feel clean, fresh and energized with the safety and confidence of a sulphate free formulation, which aids to considerably reduce the natural exfoliation process allowing you skin to maximize luminous effect.

14 Luminous Body Polish NATURALLY beautiful
Exfoliation beads with uniquely enhanced skin smoothing enzymes and soothing herbal extracts to help mineralize, exfoliate and soften the skin whilst seaweed, glycolic acid and essential oils assist in smoothing and polishing the body whilst soothing and relaxing inner wellbeing. Essential in preparation of the skin for Tri-C treatment

15 Luminous Body Conditioner
NATURALLY beautiful A skin Conditioning treatment with Tri-C to further speed up the whitening process. enriched skin conditioner with, rose hip, Tri-C, cocoa butter and natural soothing essential oils to moisturize and protect the skin while it's nourishing organic herbal extracts help maintain the luminous effect upon the skin. Natural enzymes and extracts work to improve skin renewal and naturally hydrate the skin for up to 24 hours with vitamin A, C and E.

16 If you would like to find out more about the world of Mystique please
NATURALLY Australian Synonymous with Quality Cosmetics If you would like to find out more about the world of Mystique please contact


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