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Pink Phenomenon Pink, Pink and more Pink Not just for ballerinas anymore! Pink is ageless and the new BLACK when it comes to Fashion and Beauty. Edgy.

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2 Pink Phenomenon Pink, Pink and more Pink Not just for ballerinas anymore! Pink is ageless and the new BLACK when it comes to Fashion and Beauty. Edgy Styles in eye popping PINKS are raising the bar from runway and beyond. Women in the U.S. are looking for bright fashion and beauty products. According to beauty market research: Women are celebrating girlhood and inspired by todays resurgence of 80s inspired beauty and fashion with its bright, bold colors and powerful, fun styles. Just walk the floors of any major department store and youll see the bright, the neon, the colors are popping everywhere.

3 Ready To Rock? Rock Your Hair is all about bringing back Big Hair! Our styling products inspire creativity; achieve desired results and no denying they are packaged to sell! Rock Your Hair with our hot pink bottles and one and only signature crystal heart logo is formulated for all hair types and marketed to women of any demographic from uptown, downtown or suburbia! Michael ORourke is known for his uncanny sense of predicting what will be the next big movement in beauty and fashion. Flat Straight Hair Is Over says Michael.

4 Ready To Rock? When icons of the professional beauty industry are mentioned, certain names automatically come to mind: Vidal Sassoon, Paul Mitchell...Michael O'Rourke. Michael is the founder of Sexy Hair Concepts with a reputation for creating a wide range of innovative products that do exactly what they promise. Under Michaels leadership the company introduced six hair care lines and opened over 60,000 salons in 36 countries.

5 Ready To Rock? Michael O'Rourke's award winning cutting system, styling and finishing techniques and creativity have graced the covers of numerous industry magazines and continue to be the subject of feature stories in a variety of beauty trades including, American Salon, Modern Salon, Salon Plus and Canadian Hairdresser. An influential trend setter, O'Rourke is eagerly sought after by fashion editors for interviews and commentary. O'Rourke fast became a household name after appearances several national and local TV and Radio stations. (ABC, FOX, NBC, KTLA)

6 Ready To Rock? To be successful in todays economy retailers must have a product line that catches the shoppers attention and makes a powerful first impression! With bold pink packaging and products that perform ROCK YOUR HAIR practically sells itself and keeps the consumer coming back for more! Rock Your Hair is about bringing rockin volume back which in turn increases the amount of average products purchased, higher average ticket sale per customer, and increased consumption and frequency of store visits.


8 Meet Rock Your Hair! The professional hair care and styling products are manufactured in the United States. The professional tools are manufactured through a variety of sources in China. The company markets the products using a variety of strategies: Celebrity Promotion TV and Radio Trade Magazines Public Relations Marketing investments are allocated for reinforcing brand personality and visibility through all distribution channels.

9 Big Hair Rocks Shampoo Big Hair Rocks Shampoo 10.5 oz. Provides luxurious volume without depleting moisture or color. Sulfate and Paraben Free Creates Big Volume and life to hair. Gently cleanses without added weight. Panthenol for strength and ultimate shine. Color safe formula that nourishes and protects chemically dependent hair. Perfect for fine, thin, limp hair.

10 Big Hair Rocks Conditioner Big Hair Rocks Conditioner 10.5 oz. For all hair types that require conditioning benefits without added weight. Weightless deep penetrating conditioner that delivers maximum body, volume, and lift. Sulfate and Paraben Free. Detangling benefits without adding weight. Color Safe formula that nourishes and protects.

11 Bombshell Big Hair Powder Bombshell Big Hair Powder 0.9 oz. Explode lifeless hair into instant lift and volume. Lightweight formula that thickens hair without build up. Back comb in a bottle with a Rock It Out Fragrance. Talc & Micah based powder that liquefies to provide boost, shine, and texture. Bring out your inner bombshell.

12 Spray It Hard Big Volume Hairspray Spray It Hard Big Volume Hairspray 10 oz. Big, Bold Rocking Finishing Spray. Fast Drying formula that locks in volume and keeps humidity out. Firm, flexible, workable hold with long lasting memory that adds instant shine. No flaking or stiffness.

13 Size Matters Big Volume Root Pump Size Matters Big Volume Root Lift 13 oz. Big Volume Aerosol spray mousse that creates volume from the root without weighing down ends. Humidity resistant formula that protects against dry & brittle hair. Use directly at the root prior to blow drying damp hair to add texture and volume.

14 Miracle Leave In Conditioner Miracle Leave In Weightless Detangler Soy, Wheat, and Oat Proteins to reinforce hair from shaft to ends. Replenishes moisture and shine to dry, color-treated and chemically processed hair. Tangle Tamer for all hair types with built in memory flexibility for ease of combing, blow drying, working and finishing. Shinier, Stronger, Healthier Hair.

15 Get A Lift Volumizing Spray Get A Lift Volumizing Spray Especially designed to deliver a powerful lifting system for fine hair. Reduces Frizz and Adds Shine. Can be used on dry hair as a RESTYLER and revives limp hair between shampoos. Penetrates the entire hair shaft and adds volume from roots to ends. Rock Out Thicker Fuller Hair.

16 Hard Gel HARD GEL POWER HOLD STYLING GEL Spikes Slick Backs Flake Free Super Firm Hold Rock Hard Gel



19 Rock Your Hair boxed promotions and travel sizes.

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