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Femap v10.1.1 What’s New.

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1 Femap v What’s New

2 Femap v10.1.1 Bearing load Enhanced Total Load options User interface enhancements Full PCOMPG composite entity support New solid visibility options Geometry Pad alignment Meshing control extensions Ships with NX Nastran 7

3 Bearing Load

4 Bearing Load Bearing Load expands to only the positively oriented faces A traction load can also be applied acting in the opposite sense to a bearing load

5 Bearing Load Bearing Loads can be resolved normal to the surface they are applied to, or in a uniform direction Bearing Loads also have an included angle – 60 degree bearing load shown

6 Total Load Options Force, Bearing Force, Moment, and Torque load types from Model / Load / On Surface command updated to use Total Load option by default Allows you to take a total applied load and spread it across all of the selected surfaces Example: Total Load of 100 pounds applied to a total of 7 surfaces, load distributed out automatically as shown at right

7 User Interface File / Picture / Copy Desktop command added Similar to File / Picture / Save Desktop except a picture of the entire Desktop is copied to the clipboard instead of a file File / Picture / Copy Layout and File / Picture / Save Layout commands added Similar to File / Picture / Copy Desktop and File / Picture / Save Desktop, except a picture of only the graphics area is copied to the clipboard or saved to a file Delete, Model, Mesh on Nodes command added Similar to Delete / Model / Mesh except nodes are selected instead of elements.

8 User Interface – Selection
Filters on Selection Previously produced a selection box with the IDs and Titles of entities being selected Filter on “Stiffener”

9 User Interface – Polygon Picking Enhancement
Direct Access to Polygon Picking In any Selection Box, Ctrl-Shift + Left-Mouse-Button activates Polygon Picking

10 New Visibility Option – Solids
Control display of individual solids from the Model Info pane Toggle on/off with a single click Similar to all other visibility control in Femap A right click brings up the All On, All Off etc.

11 New “Pad” Alignment Options
Improved mesh control with new Pad Alignment Options Automatic (Aligned to the Original Hole) Tangent to Selected Curve Vector Aligned

12 Meshing – Mesh Control Four-Corner Mapped Meshing Control automatically finds best four virtual corners Mesh shown with and without automatic “corner” detection

13 Meshing – Rigid Elements
New RIGID Element definition methods New Node At Center creates the independent node at the center of all the selected dependent nodes similar to the Spider API command Convert button converts a rigid element to an interpolation element and vice versa Translational DOFs only open when converting from rigid element to interpolation

14 Meshing – Rigid Elements
Distance Weighting option added to the Update Interpolation Element dialog box Displayed after clicking the “Update” button in Define RIGID Element dialog box. Creates different interpolation factors for highlighted Nodes to Average based on their distance from the reference node Multiple nodes must be highlighted in the list for this option to have any effect

15 Full PCOMPG Global Ply Support
If the Global Ply references are all populated for every ply in a layup or laminate then a PCOMPG entry is created If even one Global Ply reference is left blank then a regular PCOMP entry is created

16 General Nastran Support
Added support to read the QVOL, CONV, PCONV, QHBDY, QVECT, QBDY1, CHBDYG, VIEW, VIEW3D, RADM, RADMT, RADCAV, and RADSET entries Added support to write TABLEM1 entries when creating vs. Temperature functions using specific function types in Femap

17 NX Nastran 7 Femap includes NX Nastran 7 as the integrated solver in Femap with NX Nastran

18 NX Nastran 7 Linear contact Automatic penalty factor Improved performance: fewer iterations and reduced run time Now supported by the iterative solver Faster solutions for solid models

19 Linear and glued contact
NX Nastran 7 Contact Pressure Along Path Linear and glued contact Improved surface refinement with new contact algorithm More accurate and robust solutions Now able to assign local contact and glue parameters BCTADD and BGADD combine multiple sets of differing parameters BCTPARM and BGPARM allow local parameter control for penalty factors and penetration handling Greater solution flexibility – e.g. allow penetration to be eliminated in one area and ignored in another

20 Optional output of DMIG matrix of final contact stiffness connections
NX Nastran 7 Contact reuse Optional output of DMIG matrix of final contact stiffness connections Reuse contact connectivity in subsequent solutions Include the effect of contact without having to resolve contact condition Saves solution time Reuse contact from cylinder head bolt loads analysis in a dynamic analysis

21 Sussman-Bathe Rubber for hyperelastic materials
NX Nastran 7 Advanced nonlinear Sussman-Bathe Rubber for hyperelastic materials Allows direct use of uniaxial stress- strain data for material properties Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Material model simulates the superelastic and shape-memory effects of shape memory alloys Elements PCOMPG (solver independent support already in Femap) Numerical improvements Improved modal frequency response for very large number of modes Theoretical SOL 601

22 Femap Thermal and Flow Negative heat load thermostats You can now set negative head loads when modeling a thermostat cooling process Build Group File command Add, remove or modify thermal groups without performing a TMG solver before mapping Aim and align vectors displayed in Orbit Visualizer Aim and align vectors are now displayed in the Orbit Visualizer in addition to the spacecraft triad

23 CAD Geometry Translator Updates
Added support for CATIA V5 release 19 Added support for NX 7 Added support to optionally read or skip blanked/invisible/hidden parts when importing NX 6 assemblies Restored support for ACIS versions 7, 8, and 9, which had been removed in a previous version.

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