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W ELCOME TO S IXTH G RADE ! Enter at Your Own Risk!

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1 W ELCOME TO S IXTH G RADE ! Enter at Your Own Risk!

2 I NTRODUCTIONS What are we going to do in 6th grade? Schedule Class Rules What do we need? A little about Mrs. Brosa

3 2009-10 S CHEDULE 8:00 – 8:52Math Groups (Brosa) 8:55 – 9:47Reading (Reich) 9:50 – 10:42Social Studies (Bergin) /Science (Hansford) 9:45 – 11:05 MTSS 11:10 – 11:45Lunch 11:45 – 12:25Band 12:25 – 1:30Specials 1:35 – 2: 20Writing (Brosa)/ Technology (Schneider) 2:20 – 3:10 Math (Brosa) 3:10 – 3:25Recess

4 B ATHROOM B REAKS There are 2 bathrooms in each room We dont use the hallway bathroom upstairs No bathroom breaks are scheduled Use them when the teacher is not in the middle of a lesson Please WASH YOUR HANDS with soap!! Water bottles are encouraged

5 Y OU ARE R ESPONSIBLE FOR Y OUR A CTIONS Choose well the path you follow!

6 R ULES FOR OUR C LASSROOM Follow directions the first time they are given What does that mean?

7 R ULES FOR OUR C LASSROOM Keep your feet and hands to yourself What does that mean?

8 R ULES FOR OUR C LASSROOM Be prepared at ALL times What does that mean?

9 R ULES FOR OUR C LASSROOM Be kind, considerate and patient to others What does that mean?

10 R ULES FOR OUR C LASSROOM Respect People and Property What does that mean?




14 H OMEWORK P LAN All work is due the following school day after an assignment is given unless otherwise specified by teacher. Your teacher will collect all student assignments. If the assignment is not complete, you will be added to the daily homework session and will be required to stay the following night.

15 H OMEWORK P LAN If your assignment is not turned in the third day, you will receive a strike for each incomplete assignment and your teachers will determine when you will complete it. Homework due from absence is required a week from absence.

16 ~You will receive stickers from any teacher. The stickers will be placed on your sticker chart. When you have a full chart you may turn in your chart for a reward or keep it until you are ready to redeem it. Following rules Respecting others Using time wisely Anytime you are caught being good R EWARD C HARTS

17 W HAT DO I NEED ? C HECK YOUR S UPPLIES 1 binder or Trapper Keeper 2 pkg. loose leaf paper (college rule) 1 zipped pencil bag 2 pocket folders 12 #2 lead pencils 1 box Crayola 24 colored pencils 2 erasers 8 red pens 1 TI-108 calculator No scientific calculators 2 highliters

18 W HAT DO I NEED ? 2 boxes of Kleenex 1 book bag that can fit into 6 th grade lockers 1 pair of PE shoes Items will be added as needed !

19 N OTEBOOK L ABEL YOUR DIVIDERS WITH THESE SUBJECTS Homework Corrections Math AM Reading Language Arts Social Studies Science

20 N OTEBOOK In your zippered part of the binder you need 1. Pencil Bag with pencils, red pen, eraser, and colored pencils, calculator, highlighter 2. Folders 3. Notebook Paper In the front of your binder 1. Planner 2. Any assignment that needs to be turned in

21 P LANNER Your planner needs to be filled out every day with assignments. Your planner needs to be signed every week I will check every Monday You may want to write notes to yourself for things to bring from home or other events that happen in the year

22 P OWER S CHOOL You will given a username and password Your password needs to be kept secure! You will be expected to check your grades either at school or at home. Some abbreviations we use are: *nhi-not handed in *ab-absent *ex-excused Your parents or guardian can check your grades too.

23 T ECHNOLOGY (M RS. B ROSA S FAVORITE SUBJECT ) You have two computers to use Settings will be left alone Do not open Pop-Up Ads We also use the mobile lab often MP3 players or CD players

24 F IRE AND T ORNADO D RILLS Rules to remember: We have to practice like there is a real fire or tornado We cannot talk Never cross the hall We stay to the left and go through the commons to the library hall, into the gym, and down the stairs to the storm shelter. We sit in between the two lockers rooms. If you are out in the hall, do not drop your stuff If you are not in our classroom, follow your teacher or go to the nearest exit and walk around the outside to meet us (fire)

25 O NE LAST THING … Cleaning up after yourself is essential!!! We all make messes, but clean it up! Put trash in the trash cans Put books neatly on the shelves Keep your table, area, and locker clean The room needs to be cleaned everyday before anyone may go to recess We will have recycling bins for paper/plastic….please use them! This also helps get you organized!!

26 A little about


28 Being with my family Traveling Computers Reading Music

29 Graduated from Kansas State University Graduated from Holton High School Holton High School Graduated from Emporia State University


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