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W ELCOME TO S ECOND G RADE !! Miss Jablonski Room 107.

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1 W ELCOME TO S ECOND G RADE !! Miss Jablonski Room 107

2 M EET THE T EACHER  Beth Jablonski  Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary and Special Education from Mercyhurst College.  Master’s Degree in Literacy from Ashland University.  This is my seventh year teaching second grade at St. Gabriel School.  My favorite part of second grade is helping the students prepare to receive the sacraments, as well as helping the students grow in their reading.

3 T HIS YEAR IN SECOND GRADE … Reconciliation and First Eucharist. Mandatory meeting in the school Oct. 6 or Oct. 14 at 7:00. No children, only one parent needs to attend Math New math program – Go Math +, -, x, div 5 minute fact tests Reading 800 Step Reading Challenge Fluency Comprehension Story Elements Writing Workshop Writing process Writing about reading – Reading Response Logs Dialogue journals with teacher – later in the year Cursive writing Science Holden Arboretum Social Studies

4 S IMPLE S OLUTIONS : Language Arts Simple Solutions Students will complete as their morning bell work. Simple Solutions review quizzes will be given on Monday. The students will not need to study, the questions will be the exact questions they completed on Mon-Thurs. No Math Simple Solutions this year because new math program will cover Common Core.

5 H OMEWORK : Your children will have math and reading homework each night. The students need to practice their math facts daily, as well as work on their reading fluency, which will include reading 30 minutes each night. Grades – Students will receive a 5 point grade for completing their home steps in reading each week. I will keep track of missing assignments and contact you if missing homework becomes an issue. Assignments will be written in the assignment book daily. Please sign this book daily! Additional homework may be assigned as necessary.

6 S PECIALS S CHEDULE : Monday - Computer Tuesday - Music Wednesday – Spanish Thursday - Gym Friday – Art and Library

7 G RADES : The students will be receiving letter grades in the subject areas of math and reading. O, S, N, and U will be used in all other subject areas. Please monitor your child’s progress on PowerSchool.

8 D ISCIPLINE : Discipline is monitored on an individual basis. Each day your child will be placed on green, signaling that they are Ready to Learn. As the day progresses, the child can move up for good behavior or receive a warning for poor behavior. If they end the day on red, they will be given a note to take home informing you of the situation. This note needs to be signed by a parent. Other possible consequences may include completing a “think sheet”, loss of recess, and / or an office referral. This procedure is used to determine conduct grades. If they end the day on Outstanding or purple, they will receive a positive note home. Any child who ends the day on green or above will receive a ticket for class drawings.

9 C LASSROOM I NFORMATION : Math and Reading Workshop Classroom Aide Mrs. Leigey Specials Schedule Snack Daily around 10:00. Please pack a pre-packaged snack for your child. Birthday treats must also be pre-packaged. Lunch 11:30-12:12 Volunteers Celebrating the Saints – Fridays from 12:30 – 12:50 Communication PowerSchool Weekly Newsletters Teacherweb Best time to reach me – a phone call before school, 12:55 to 1:35, or after school.

10 BC A WARD “Being Christ” Students will be nominated for this award based on their kind deeds and Christ-like behaviors. One student will be chosen each week BC Journal and necklace

11 F INISHING UP … At the back table: Please turn in the following: Beginning of the year paperwork Highlights form Getting to know your child page Please fill out the following: Transportation page Saint Talk sign up KidStuff coupon books I’m looking forward to a wonderful year!!

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