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An Adventure With Friends Written by 4W. It was a dark and chilly fall night. My friends and I met at the local park. We were all having fun, but soon.

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1 An Adventure With Friends Written by 4W

2 It was a dark and chilly fall night. My friends and I met at the local park. We were all having fun, but soon we got bored and began to talk about what we might do. There was an old vacant house out on the edge of town that we could explore, or a town legend said that a nearby cave was haunted. Maybe we could go there. We finally decided to break in to two groups. One group would go to the vacant house and one group would investigate the cave. Then, we would meet back up and share what wed learned. Click the house or the cave.

3 As we entered the cave, we saw it was filled with water. The water was cold and the mud got in our shoes and we felt dripping water. Then we heard a scream! As we took a step, we saw some eyes and heard some bats. We didnt know whether to run or to keep exploring the scary cave. Click the scared runner or the cave.

4 We decided to go to the dark, spooky, ginormous mansion. We opened the back door to the huge mansion and stepped bravely inside, scared half to death. As we entered, we heard a screeching sound. We approached a big red door. We slowly opened it and a big black bat flew out screeching. We saw another door to the closet. We could go through the other door, or run out of there screaming like a wild maniac! Click the door or the screaming maniac.

5 As we ran out of the house, we were screaming and tripped over a huge rock. We were bleeding on our elbows and knees. We go back up and stepped in a puddle and our shoes were soaked. Then we got back up again and then we ran into three different trees. When we got back up for the last time our fingers and arms were broken. We could go to the hospital or we could keep exploring and ending up with broken arms and legs. Click on the hospital or Explore EXPLORE

6 We decided to go to the other door to the closet. We opened the door, S-C-A-R-E-D, SCARED. We did get scared. Some of us screamed. Then we touched some goo. Then we touched the wall and we fell in a trench. We floated and fell down a waterfall. We floated through a door, and the water was gone! We accidentally touched a panel, and a door opened. We could either go in the door or continue on the path. Click the door or the path.

7 We kept on exploring while our friends ran like a maniac! On the way, we heard a screech! But we kept on exploring. We saw a monster- looking rock, but it was nothing. As we kept on going, we fell in a hole as big as a trampoline. We also saw a tunnel. What will we do? Try to climb out or explore the tunnel? Click the tunnel or the climber.

8 I ran out of the cave and saw a zombie! 2 –3- 4-5-6 zombies! I went around them and I heard screams. And someone said, Help me! Oh, no, it was my friend Brandon. It was dark and you could not see your hand in front of you. I checked my watch…my mom is probably worried about me! So I went on and I heard a gunshot. Should I go on toward the gunshot or go back to the cave and find my friends?

9 After I got to the hospital, they put a cast on my arm and leg and they said that they would go get me some crutches. So, I waited and when they got back, they let me go. Then, I got sprayed by a skunk because I accidentally stepped on its tail. And the doctor said that I cant take a bath for two weeks. While I was going home, I passed the park and I saw my group so I waved Hi to them and I let go of my crutch then I fell so they came to help me up. As soon as I got up, we went to go play

10 I chose to explore the tunnel. There were drips of water saying, Drip, drop, drip, drip, drop. I stepped in a mud puddle and almost ran into the side. Good thing I brought a flashlight! On the sides there were crystals. They were pink, smooth, shiny, and spiky. Then, I got scared because I heard a scream and I think I broke my ankle. I saw two thick sticks that I could use to help me walk. All of a sudden, I saw a light and walked toward it, and I came out and ended up inside a bush at the park, but none of my friends were there. 30 minutes passed and all my friends arrived!

11 As I headed back to the cave, I tripped over a rock and hit the ground with my face. When I got up, ready to go into the cave, I saw a bat fly out right by my head. When I got in, I fell in a big puddle and water got in my shoes. I saw a dark, dark cave. I looked in it and saw nothing. All of a sudden, I heard a loud SCREECH. That screech scared me. I fell back and hit a switch and some lights came on. So I walked through and came to a corner. I saw a hole, but I needed to find my friends so I took the other corner. I ran as fast as I could. I saw my friends and told them about the hole. They asked where the hole was. I said follow me. I led them to the hole. We ran all the way down the street and went to the park and we were all there.

12 I decided to climb through the hole, but how? I asked my friend if she had anything and she said no. I searched my candy bag. Suckers! I could lick each sucker and get out. I was 10 feet under the hole. I licked each sucker, and it worked. But, OH NO I fell back in and broke my leg. I climbed and made it so I ran to the hospital and they gave me a wheel. So I went to go pay, but they were nice enough that they let me have it for free. I wheeled out the door. OH NO! a Z-O-M-B-I-E. So I wheeled to the park where we started. He was dead because I ran him over…hee, hee, hee. The only people here were my friends and crying parents. Then we waited for my friends so my parents could give them a ride.

13 We decided to explore. When we started exploring, a skunk jumped out and sprayed us. We stunk really bad. Our eyes were sprayed with skunk spray and we ran in to a parked car. We got back up and a dog was chasing us. We hid behind a tree and our legs, arms, and knees would not stop bleeding. So we ran back to the park to meet everybody!

14 I ran toward the gunshot, but no one was there so I investigated. I saw 4 shells. They looked like 22 shells. So I went to the place where I thought they were, but they were not there so what do I do now? I ran where I heard the shot. I saw a blood trail. I followed the trail. It led me to a big tree so I kept going. It led me to the highway and across it and into the park where all my friends were waiting for me by the oak tree. I asked, Do you guys know where the blood was coming from? I dont know his name, but when he fell down, the waterfall, he hit a rock and got a really big scratch.

15 We wanted to go through the door. When we went in, the door closed behind us. All of a sudden, my friend screamed! Oh, my gosh! I got SCARED! We saw a dead rotten body and we both almost fainted! Well, she almost did. I did not because I live on a farm. Actually, it turned out to be a pile of old, moldy Indian cloths with black string. Then we saw a light that led to the outside, and we saw a whole bunch of bats fly out of it. So we walked out of the basement where we saw the light. We were on our way to the park when we saw a zombie walking toward us. We ran past it as fast as we could which was really FAST! Then, I tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and I fell. Then the next thing we knew, we were at the park. And do you know who we saw? All of our friends there panting really hard. Oh, my gosh! That was so scary! We all said, We are all glad that is over! at the same time.

16 As I continued on the path, I heard a loud scream. I freaked out, but I still continued the path. As I followed the scream, I fell down the stairs and when I got up, I saw a shadow. I went to go see what it was, but when I looked, nothing was there so as I was going up the stairs, I saw a person. I ran outside and to the park. I asked if they knew the person who lived in the house, and they said, Yes.

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