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Tom Walton Easy, fun, meaningful tasks with technology.

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1 Tom Walton Easy, fun, meaningful tasks with technology

2 With a partner… 1.Show your partner an object of personal value 2.Find out all you can about your partners object 3.Photograph it Do it #1

3 #1 Single digital image +text Original idea: Portraits of Learning Example: Steps Take out (bring?) object of personal value to selves Show to partner Partner discovers all about object, why important Partner takes photo(-s) of object Partner writes text Swop roles Edit text and (single, best…) image Share texts and images (blog, Flickr, noticeboard…)

4 Sharing photos On camera /phone Via Windows Explorer Noticeboard in classroom Blog

5 Easy, fun, meaningful tasks… Easy… Uses technology available in school Fast, easy to set up Free No installation Cant go wrong (in theory!) Limited post-class production Technology-light Fun… Creative Enjoyable Shared Motivating Successful Meaningful… Tasks with answers that matter to people Real questions Have an end-product that is shared Lead to real language use… and to language learning Using technology to create and share end-products

6 With a partner… 1.Look around you for an object (possibly the same one as before) 2.Photograph it from an unusual angle/very close up If you are waiting for a camera: What are the advantages/disadvantages of using a disposable camera for this project? Do it #2

7 #2 Mystery pix on a disposable camera Original idea: Susana Ortiz Steps Single disposable camera provided to first pair Pair have 48 hours to take 3 photos ofmystery objects (no telling!) Camera then handed on to the next pair Pictures printed, shared via noticeboard Guessing game, orally/via pieces of paper mobile phone, digital camera, webcam blog, Flickr… via blog comments


9 #2b Adv.+Disadv. of disposable camera Having to develop (cost) Limited number of photos Cant upload (without scanning first) Cant edit (unless scanned) … ? Easy !!! Greater mystery Shared experience More of a challenge … ?

10 #2b Alternatives… Eyes Feet Shoes Pictures of city… Etc.

11 Editing images Paint * * Picasa * Gimp * Fireworks, 400 (?) Photoshop, 985 (?) *free

12 Do it #3 In groups of at least 4… 1.Discuss when language learning actually occurs 2.Storyboard a tableau vivant using stick figures 3.Create tableau 4.Photograph it Roles: Director, camera person, actors/actresses… DONT just do it: CREATE it (#3) Original idea: Tom Walton

13 #3 Language learning taking place

14 Steps Discuss when language learning takes place, in what circumstances, what factors affect it.. Storyboard tableau vivant with stick figures Create tableau (roles: director, cameraperson, actors…) Take photograph(-s) Share and present photographs (+text?) open class, but poss. on blog, as ppt. presentations keep, share, scan (?) noticeboard, PowerPoint, blog… Original idea: Tom Walton

15 This is my classroom… (a) wheres the technology…? (b) whats the technology being used for…? door windowwww.whiteboard

16 whats the technology being used for…? creation, sharing, engagement, interaction, dialogue, owning and belonging… wheres the technology…? not getting in the way of language learning


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