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Digital Photos in the Classroom Lakewood Branch Ocean County Library.

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1 Digital Photos in the Classroom Lakewood Branch Ocean County Library

2 What is Picnik? Free online photo editing that is easy to use and fun With Picnik, you can…  Crop, resize, rotate  Sharpen and fix photos  Add creative effects and text to your photos

3 Getting Started Click Get started now! Click on one of the practice photos to open it Now we’re going to practice using picnik’s basic tools.

4 Basic Editing Tools Rotate = flip the picture horizontally or vertically Crop = cut out part of the picture Resize = reduce or enlarge the picture Using the basic tools, you can also adjust the colors, sharpen the photo, or use the red- eye fixer.

5 Adding Creative Effects Picnik can, with one click of the mouse, apply all kinds of special effects to photos. You can also add text or shapes to photos. Most of these tools are free to use, and you don’t need an account to use them. Premium accounts reduce ads and give you access to extra effects. To get to the special effects, click on the “Create” tab at the top of the screen.

6 Adding Creative Effects Choose the effect from the sidebar. You can scroll down to see more effects. When you’re done tinkering, click “Apply”.

7 Click the “Library” tab Click “Edit Photos” Choose “Upload a photo” This will pop up a new window, and you can now find the file in the folders on your computer or USB disk. Your photo will open, and you can edit away just like before! Opening a photo from your computer

8 Saving Photos Use the “Save & Share” tab to save photos directly to your computer or USB drive.

9 Emailing Photos You can also email photos directly from Picnik to your friends and family.

10 Printing Photos Use the “Print Photo” tab to print your photos from your own printer, or to jump to a site where you can order prints online

11 Signing up for Picnik From the Picnik home page, click “Get Started” and then click “Register”. Choose a username and password, and enter your email address. Click “Create my account!” and you’re all set!

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