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Learning through Animation. (Year 3/4 class project)

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1 Learning through Animation

2 (Year 3/4 class project)

3 Multimedia surrounds children all the time... Film making is more relevant than ever

4 Source: Professor Steve Molyneux Learning Lab It’s a media rich world... Ofsted say that on average children look at five different screens every day...let’s give children some ownership over them.


6 Filmmaking enables children and young people to develop their creative, team working and technical skills, expressing themselves through a media that transcends barriers in academic ability, literacy, language and cultural background.

7 It's a great leveller: The filmmaking process is a great leveller, children with special needs are often able to achieve on an equal footing with their more academically able peers A range of skills: Filmmaking can draw on the strengths of all children allowing everybody to achieve. Creative thinkers can work on the ideas, writers can take charge of the script, ICT enthusiasts can do the editing, organisers can become directors, performers can act: there is a job for everyone. Improved Behaviour: Children really enjoy filmmaking and, for some, it gives them a rare opportunity to achieve. It motivates, empowers and increases confidence: When young people are filming they are framing their own world. It provides a real team adventure and a long lasting product to be proud of. Planning skills: A great deal of preparation goes into making a film. Each aspect from camera angles, props, costumes and settings has to be thought about, prepared and planned before the camera rolls. Skills such as brainstorming and storyboarding can be taught. Problem solving: In the making of a film, there will often be some problems to overcome. These may be technical problems or logistical ones. It provides a great opportunity for children to work independently to overcome issues.

8 Literacy: Reading and analysing the text Re-telling the story from different points of view Writing play scripts Using story boards Writing introductions and conclusions Character studies/profiles Speaking and listening activities Research skills Science: Use of materials Investigate how to create the best lighting conditions Experiment with how materials fare in different conditions DT: Investigate the stability of the models Investigate ways of fixing and moving components Art: Designing and making the characters Designing and making the backdrops Exploring camera angles/viewpoints ICT: Understanding animation techniques Relating ICT used in school to the ‘real world’ Using digital cameras/webcams Editing using Movie Maker Recording and editing sound Begins to understand different file formats

9 Great way to introduce animation – Pivot Stick Figure Animator Free software Create animations easily Animations can be previewed as you go You can use more than one stick figure and create you own Saved as animated GIF, which can be exported to movie maker to add music etc. Your own pictures can be imported as backgrounds to personalise the animation Free download - (Year 4 computer club)

10 (Year 2 class project) Stop Motion Methods Using a webcam Using a digital camera Year 6 – Independent work

11 ProsCons Free download Very easy to use Counts the number of frames you have taken Provides instant feedback for younger learners Quality depends on the webcam (nearly always lower than a digital camera) Onion skinning effect isn’t reliable Skills linked to single program Stop-motion animation – using a webcam and SM Animator Y1 project SM Animator - english/stop_motion_animator.html

12 ProsCons Free program that anyone with a PC will have Widens experience Familiarity with using cameras Helps to advance other ICT skills More initial input Younger children need a lot of support Use of too many photos will freeze older computers Stop-motion animation – using a digital camera and Windows Movie Maker

13 Open the options through the Tools menu Change the picture duration – 0.25, or 0.125 work well Drag your pictures into the timeline, and add any audio you need

14 (on the movie maker timeline)

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