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Family Tree of the Major Gods

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1 Family Tree of the Major Gods
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Web, myth narration & graphics created & maintained by Nick Pontikis Copyright © Thanasi's Olympus Greek Restaurant The Myth Man persona © 1988 Nick Pontikis Copyright © 1999 Copyright © 1999

2 Cronus and Rhea Titans who ruled before the Olympians
Children Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Demeter and Hera Fought their own children for control of world the world Children won **

3 Zeus (Jupiter) ** Ruler of gods and mortals Ladies Man Married Hera
Lived on Mt. Olympus God of skies and storm (thunderbolt) **

4 Hera (Juno) goddess of marriage, motherhood wife and sister of Zeus
extremely jealous very beautiful (cow eyed beauty) symbols include: cow, peacock, pomegranate highly regarded and worshipped but not portrayed well in Mythology **

5 Poseidon (Neptune) ** god of the sea and rivers controlled earthquakes
gave humans the gift of the horse Zeus only god more powerful symbol-trident lived beneath the ocean often went to Mt. Olympus to party with the gods. **

6 Hades (Pluto) ** god of the Underworld rarely left his home
did not cause death. prevented the dead from leaving Hades not well liked by mortals or gods abducted Persephone forced her into marriage **

7 Hestia ** goddess of fire and the hearth
associated with peace, home and family never took part in disputes of mortals or gods one of three virgin goddesses most revered and worshipped but not present in mythology **

8 Demeter (Ceres) ** goddess of agriculture/harvest mother of Persephone
usually kind to humans revered by humankind one of the few gods to know grief and suffering **

9 Artemis (Diana) ** virgin goddess of the hunt
ironically also goddess of childbirth temple at Ephesus was one of the seven wonders of the world Twin brother Apollo symbol silver bow and arrow, associated with the new moon **

10 Apollo (Phoebus) ** son of Zeus and Leto
god of music, prophecy, hunting & medicine symbol of youthful beauty his job was to drive the sun across the sky each day Colossus at Rhodes statue of Apollo (one of the 7 wonders of the world) **

11 Ares (Mars) ** god of war, blood thirsty son of Zeus and Hera
sister Eris (discord) went around the world stirring up trouble and he followed her. his children, Phobos, Metus, Demios, Pallor and nephew, Strife then followed him and the cries of human could be heard wherever they traveled. not well liked by other gods or humans. **

12 Dionysus (Bacchus) ** god of the vine
gave the gift of grapes and winemaking to humans he brought both joy & ecstasy and thoughtlessness & rage well liked by mortals **

13 Courtesy Linda Van Eckle
Athena (Minerva) virgin goddess goddess of wisdom, the domestic arts (weaving) and war unlike Ares she tried to avoid war very merciful,but don’t cross her never lost in battle Zeus’ favorite, she often used his weapons gave many gifts to mortals ** Statue of Athena in Nashville, Tennessee, USA Courtesy Linda Van Eckle

14 Hermes (Mercury) messenger of the gods guided souls to the underworld
son of Zeus and a mountain nymph invented the lyre when only 1 day old symbols include a wide-brimmed hat, winged shoes and the caduceus also known as the god of commerce to the Greeks was know for his cunning, ingenuity, knowledge and creativity **

15 Aphrodite (Venus) ** goddess of love, beauty, fertility and desire
two versions of her birth portrayed as beautiful Zeus arranged her marriage to Hephasaetus scandalous affair with Ares could also be treacherous **

16 Hephaestus (Vulcan) god of blacksmithing and other trades
weapon maker of the gods son of Hera has no father only physically ugly god his creations the most beautiful Zeus arranged marriage to Aphrodite only god who did physical work kind, peace loving, popular with gods and humans **

17 For more information on the Olympians consult the following websites:
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