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Greek Gods Who are they? Vesely.

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1 Greek Gods Who are they? Vesely

2 ZEUS (Roman name Jupiter)
The supreme lord of the Olympians Lord of sky & rain Weapon/Symbol: Thunderbolt Married Hera but, is famous for his many affairs Punishes those that lie or break oaths.

3 HERA (Roman name Juno) The wife of Zeus and Queen of the Olympians. Lady of marriage Symbol: Peacock Takes special care of married women

4 POSEIDON (Roman name Neptune)
Brother of Zeus Lord of the sea & sailors Symbol: Trident Created the worlds first horse and caused earthquakes with his trident

5 HADES (Roman name Pluto)
Brother of Zeus Lord of the Underworld & Wealth Rules over the dead but is not the god of Death Once someone joins his kingdom he does not allow them to leave

6 DEMETER (Roman name Ceres)
Sister of Zeus Lady of Agriculture Symbol: Poppy, Torch, Sheaf of Wheat/Barley Nourishes the youth and the green earth Preserver of marriage and the sacred law Horses, Winter & Corn

7 HESTIA (Roman name Vesta)
Sister of Zeus Lady of the hearth & of the right ordering of domesticity and the family Symbol: None Youngest and Oldest of the sisters Gave up her seat with the twelve Olympians in favor of Dionysus

8 APHRODITE (Roman name Venus)
Born From the Sea Lady of Love, Beauty & Fertility Symbol: Dolphin, Rose, Scallop Shell, Myrtle, Dove, Sparrow, and Swan Married to Hephaestus Protector of Sailors

9 ARES (Roman name Mars) Son of Zeus Lord of war & warlike frenzy
Symbol: Vulture, Torch & Spear Father of mythical founders of Rome

10 HERMES (Roman name Mercury)
Son of Zeus Messenger of the gods Symbol: Caduceus, winged sandals & tortoise Guides dead souls to the Underworld

11 HEPHAESTUS (Roman name Vulcan)
Son of Hera Lord of Technology, Blacksmiths, Craftsmen, Artisans and Volcanoes Symbol: Anvil, Hammer or Tongs The Blacksmith of the gods Lame (considered grotesque) associated with manufacturing and industrial

12 APOLLO (Roman name Apollo)
Son of Zeus Lord of light and the sun; truth and prophecy; archery; medicine and healing; music, poetry, the arts; and more Symbol: Lyre and Sun Patron of Delphi Artemis’ twin brother

13 ATHENA (Roman name Minerva)
Daughter of Zeus Lady of wisdom, peace, strategy, handicrafts, reason and war Symbol: Owl Shrewd companion of heroes and the goddess of heroic endeavors Patron of Athens – Parthenon was built for her

14 ARTEMIS (Roman name Diana)
Daughter of Zeus Lady of forests and hills, childbirth, virginity, fertility, the hunt and the moon Symbols: Deer, Cypress & Moon Apollo’s twin sister

15 DIONYSUS (Roman name Bacchus)
Son of Zeus Lord of wine (the inspirer of ritual madness and ecstasy), the epiphany, theatre & grapes Symbols: Thyrsus, Grapes, Leopard skin The androgynous god

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