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Who’s Who on Mount Olympus

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1 Who’s Who on Mount Olympus
Today’s Objectives: To identify the chief Olympian gods and goddesses and their functions

2 ZEUS - JUPITER King of gods; ruler of mankind
SYMBOLS EAGLE AEGIS THUNDERBOLT SCEPTRE OAK TREE Why these symbols… Power, Strength, Size Eagle – chief of all birds

3 Poseidon – Neptune God of sea, horses & earthquakes
SYMBOLS TRIDENT HORSE Why these symbols… Trident = symbol of power He is said to have created the horse

4 HADES – PLUTO God of the Underworld *did not live on Mt. Olympus
SYMBOLS HELMET to make him invisible Why this symbol… The helmet allows him to leave the world unseen; he is not a welcome visitor.

5 HESTIA – VESTA Goddess of hearth & home; sister of Zeus
SYMBOLS HEARTH-FIRE Why this symbol… The hearth is a symbol of home and family

6 HERA – JUNO Queen of the Gods; wife of Zeus
SYMBOLS PEACOCK COW IRIS (goddess of the rainbow) Why these symbols… The animals are sacred to her Iris is her personal messenger

7 Vultures prey on the dead
ARES – MARS God of War SYMBOLS WEAPONS ARMOR VULTURE Why these symbols… They symbolize war Vultures prey on the dead

8 ATHENA – MINERVA Goddess of Wisdom, War, & Weaving
SYMBOLS OWL OLIVE TREE HELMET & SPEAR Why these symbols… The owl is a symbol of wisdom The olive tree is her gift to Athens The helmet & spear are symbols of war

9 APOLLO – APOLLO God of Sun, Music, Poetry, & Medicine
SYMBOLS LYRE BOW LAUREL DELPHI Why these symbols… The symbolizes music The bow identifies his as Archergod The laurel is his favorite tree His oracle is at Delphi

10 APHRODITE – VENUS Goddess of Love & Beauty
SYMBOLS CUPID (her son) DOVE MYRTLE Why these symbols… Cupid shoots his arrow at her command The dove and myrtle are sacred to her

11 HERMES – MERCURY Messenger-god; god of commerce, travelers, & thieves
SYMBOLS CADUCEUS WINGED HAT & SANDALS Why these symbols… The caduceus is his magic wand The winged hat and sandals show the speed of a messenger

12 ARTEMIS – DIANA Goddess of the Moon & Hunting; Patroness of maidens
SYMBOLS BOW & ARROW DEER CYPRESS Why these symbols… The bow & arrow are symbolic because hunting is her pastime The deer & cypress are sacred to her

13 HEPHAESTUS – VULCAN God of fire; forger of armor
SYMBOLS ANVIL & FORGE Why these symbols… The anvil and forge are tools of a blacksmith

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