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The Greek / Roman Gods & Goddesses

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1 The Greek / Roman Gods & Goddesses

2 Zeus / Jupiter King of the gods God of air
Uses Thunderbolts as his weapon Womanizer – married his own sister Son of Cronos and Rhea Most powerful Some Lovers of Zeus – CALLISTO – forest nymph, gave birth to Arcas. Zeus changed her into a bear to hide her from Hera. She was accidentally shot by her friend, Artemis. Zeus placed her in the sky as a constellation (Ursa Major) EUROPA – Zeus came in the shape of a bull ANTIOPE – daughter of a river god. Zeus came in the form of a satyr DANAE – Zeus came in the form of a golden rain shower, gave birth to Perseus SEMELE – gave birht to Dionysus – Hera tricked her to ask to see Zeus in all his glory. It fried her. Hercules’ mom he came in the shape of her husband Ledo – came in the form of a swam Jupiter is so named because it is so big – it is the “King of Planets” Music is Gustav Holst’s “Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity”

3 Poseidon / Neptune God of the sea and earthquakes Made horses
Trident is weapon Amphitrite is his wife Zeus’ brother Son of Cronos and Rhea 2nd most powerful Neptune is so named because the blue looks like water Music is Gustav Holst’s “Neptune, the Mystic”

4 Hades / Pluto / Dis God of the Underworld and Wealth
King of the dead but he is not Death Zeus’ brother Son of Cronos and Rhea Has a helmet that makes the wearer invisible Persephone (Spring) is his wife NOT EVIL! (but he is unpitying) 3rd most powerful

5 Hera / Juno Queen of the gods Protector of marriage
Wife/sister of Zeus The peacock is her symbol (because of the eye-look) Cows are sacred to her (ox-eyed Hera) Jealous No planet, but there is an asteroid named after her plus a city in Alaska

6 Phoebus Apollo God of truth, light, archery, and healing
Sun god in some myths (Helios is the sun god in other myths) Son of Zeus and Leto Wolves, dolphins, and crows are sacred to him Has the Oracle of Delphi His mom, Leto, is a titan (daughter of Coeus and Phoebe) and worshipped by the Greeks. Hera sent a giant serpent to kill her for sleeping with Zeus, but she got away. Apollo defeated a python at Delphi in order to claim the oracle. Apollo asteroids are near-earth asteroids

7 Artemis / Diana Apollo’s Twin sister
Goddess of the hunt, wild things, and crossways She is the moon goddess sometimes Virgin goddess As Diana, she is also a goddess of light Stags are sacred The Artemis navigation satellite

8 Aphrodite / Venus Goddess of beauty and love Mother of Eros/Cupid
Wife of Hephaestus/Vulcan but lover of Ares/Mars and other guys Caught by Hepheastus with Ares. Everyone laughed at Hephaetus Loved Adonis but had to share him with Persephone Had a son with Hermes named Hermaphroditos – he was loved by a water nymph but he did not return her attentions. When he bathed in some waters, she merged with him to be with him forever. The result was a female boy. Venus is so named because it is a beautiful planet and can be easily seen with just the eye Born from the foam in the sea caused by the attack of Cronos/ Saturn on Ouranus/Uranus Gustav Holst’s “Venus, Bringer of Peace”

9 Ares / Mars God of War Son of Zeus and Hera, but both hate him
The Romans glorify him, but the Greeks make him out to be a coward He has three children with Aphrodite: Phobos (panic) and Deimos (fear) are twins Mars and its moons, Phobos and Deimos Gustav Holst’s “Mars, Bringer of War”

10 Pallas Athena / Minerva
Goddess of wisdom and defensive war Daughter of Zeus and Metis (titan) – she popped out of his head after he swallowed the pregnant Metis She carries a shield with Medusa’s head on it Minerva was a tiny robot designed by the Japanese to land on an asteroid, but got lost in space.

11 Hephaestus / Vulcan God of fire and the forge Son of Zeus and Hera
Ugly Lame because he was thrown off Mt. Olympus for interfering with a fight between Hera and Zeus Husband to Aphrodite In one version, he got his revenge on Hera (for throwing him out) by building a golden throne – it was a trap. They had to invite him back and get him drunk before he released her.

12 Hermes / Mercury Messenger god and the god of thieves
Greek Trickster figure Very fast Son of Zeus and Maia Loves Aphrodite Greeks believed he guided souls to Hades One of his sons with Aphrodite was known for his enormous manhood. The Hermes Asteroid Mercury revolves around the sun so fast, it was named for the messenger god. One year is faster than one day on Mercury

13 Hestia / Vesta Zeus’ sister – Oldest of the original gods
Goddess of the hearth and home Gave up her spot on Mt. Olympus for Dionysus Worshipped daily A virgin priestesses served her for 30 year time periods Does pretty much nothing in mythology Asteroid Vesta

14 Eros / Cupid God of love Son of Ares and Aphrodite
Often portrayed as a child, but not always. He has wings Uses a bow and arrow – arrows cause one to fall in love Momma’s boy Anteros is his brother (several Erotes – all look pretty much alike) He has long hair and butterfly wings and is the avenger of love scorned Eros is a near earth asteroid

15 Demeter / Ceres Daughter of Cronos and Rhea Goddess of vegetation
Had powers of growth and resurrection Her daughter is Persephone The asteroid Ceres was the first asteroid ever discovered and is one of the largest (about the size of Texas). It almost became a designated as a planet

16 Dionysus / Bacchus Son of Zeus and Semele God of wine and happiness
In some areas of Greece, his worship was outlawed (too dirty) The Bacchus asteroid

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