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Sliding Shoe Dewatering Pumps MINING / DEWATERING.

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1 Sliding Shoe Dewatering Pumps MINING / DEWATERING

2 Established in 1946 as a manufacturer of pumps and compressors. The company was based upon the UK mining industry. Today produces the Megator sliding shoe pump, mainly for mining, oil recovery, maritime and other Industrial applications. About Megator Sliding Shoe Dewatering Pumps

3 Sliding Shoe Pumps Dolphin Floating Suction Strainers and Skimmers for oil and froth Pumps 2000 non-metallic Slurry AODD Pumps Megator: The reliable easy maintenance drainage pump for continuous use.... Operates out of USA, England and Denmark - and via a global network of trained distributors and agents Sliding Shoe Dewatering Pumps About Megator

4 Megator Sliding Shoe Pump Pumping water, oil, sludge, fuels, washing water etc 15 minute standard on-site servicing via single cover access No more dragging pumps through the mud - just drag the hose.... Low power consumption Sliding Shoe Dewatering Pumps High head pumping with no loss in flow rate Remote out of the water location, due to super suction design Self-compensates for wear

5 The Internals & Performance Capacities to 264 gpm / 60 m3/h Suction lift to 27 ft / 8.2 m Super-suction, handling dry-running and high high head applications with no flow loss.... Viscosities to 21,000 SSU / 5,000 cp Heads to 250 ft / 75 mWc Cast iron, bronze or aluminum Fitted with optional Megator Dolphin floating suction strainer Sliding Shoe Dewatering Pumps

6 Function and Benefits Hydraulic pressure behind shoes results in self-adjustment for wear Outstanding suction lift, even when the pump is no longer new Remote installation and simple on-site maintenance.... Constant flow, even when the head increases Will pump varying viscosities, and tolerate run-dry situations Low shear operation ideal for separation applications Sliding Shoe Dewatering Pumps SeeHow the Pump Works VideoHow the Pump Works

7 Dolphin Floating Strainer Dolphin floating strainer - Simple floating suction strainer that draws from just below the surface, avoiding sand, mud and floating debris Reduce pump wear, prevent stoppages, lessen cavitation risk - save their cost many times over.... Plastic and stainless steel designs that will tolerate agressive fluids: acids, seawater, bilge etc. Will always flow upright, even if ruptured Sliding Shoe Dewatering Pumps

8 The Sliding Shoe pump is supplied as a complete pump set: pump mounted to a mild steel skid base, complete with NEMA/IEC drive motor, flexible coupling and Dolphin strainer. Fill up the pump with water (initial prime) - and start pumping! Install the pump underground with easy access. Install the Dolphin strainer in the area to be dewatered. The Dolphin may be kept in place by its mooring eye. One pump may be fed by more than one Dolphin via the use of a manifold. Megator mine pump installation Megator pump fitted with both Dolphin strainer and optional SIGMA skimmer. Sliding Shoe Dewatering Pumps

9 Lower installation cost as often lower grade roof support will be accepted because frequent acces to remote areas is not required (underground mining). Lower operational cost due to higher tolerances, lower speed and power consumption High suction allows remote location which minimizes the risk of run-over damages On-site maintenance and self-adjusts for wear Delivers high flow at high head, which means that fewer pumps are required for a given head. Saves energy, installation and maintenance cost. Compared with submersible pumps Sliding Shoe Dewatering Pumps

10 Weir Oil Skimmers SIGMA Skimmers - Simple glass reinforced plastic skimmer, for low draft applications. ALPHA and SUMP Skimmers - Stainless steel skimmer, ideal for confined spaces. Can enter through manholes etc. - Options: collapsible, screen, guide rails, mooring eye etc Ideal for shallow waters, run-off ponds, froth skimming and the confined space inside tanks.... Megator Mining and Pollution Control

11 Megator Mining, Marine, Industry & Pollution Control The Megator Product Range Sliding Shoe Pump Oil Recovery Equipment Pumps 2000 Slurry AODD Pump Rotary Lobe Pump Mega & Mini Booms Floating Dolphin Strainer Salarollpump

12 Megator Scandinavia Egholmvej 8A DK-9800 Hjoerring DENMARK Phone: URL: - Sliding Shoe Pump - Rotary Lobe Pump - Pumps 2000 Air Operated Dual Diaphragm Pump - Salarollpump - Dolphin Floating Strainers - Weir Skimmers - Oil Water Separation - Rope Mop Skimmers - Booms - Oil Dispersant Systems Sliding Shoe Dewatering Pumps

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