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Bovu Fluid Holdings.

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1 Bovu Fluid Holdings

2 About us Bovu Fluid Holdings is internationally recognized as one of South Africa’s most respected manufacturers and distributors of Construction and Mining equipment. Our head office and factory is based in Meyerton, with branch offices in Witbank as well as a network of agents and distributors throughout South Africa and Africa We were registered as a company in 2000 by Mr Edward Bovu who’s philosophy is to maintain a high level of service with a strong ethical and moral foundation, a philosophy that remains a cornerstone of our business today. Apart from our own manufactured equipment, Bovu Fluid Holdings also do Dredging and Industrial Cleaning (Vacuuming and High Pressure), enabling us to provide product and a service solutions to a broad range of industries including: construction, mines/quarries, shipyards/harbours, plumbing/drainage road/traffic and petrochemical. We are also well known suppliers of equipment to municipalities throughout Africa. Please enjoy browsing our cd and do not hesitate to contact us to request a quotation or any product information you might require. Our sales staff have a wealth of experience in all spheres of our business and will be glad to assist. Bovu is in operation since 2000

3 Our services Pump Sales Pump Rental Pump Repair Dredging
Dewatering and Desludging Industrial Cleaning (vacuum and High Pressure) And More

4 Pumps How a pump work

5 Selwood Pump

6 Selwood Contractor Pump range has been designed to provide greater cost efficient fluid handling solutions for all users. The Contractor range offers efficiency levels of 83% which translate into benefits for the end user and the environment. Fuel usage is minimised through the redesigned hydraulic pump end, impeller and wear plates. Contractor Pumps are a true self-priming pump so does not require manual priming of the suction line or filling of a priming tank in order to begin its normal operation. In addition the pump can run dry for extended periods due to the oil bath mechanical seal assembly which allows priming with long suction hoses and suction lifts of up to 9 m. As fluid levels fluctuate, the pump will “snore” until the time liquid is available for the pump to fully re-prime itself automatically.

7 Features Applications
Reduced engine sizes Construction Lower maintenance costs Low fuel usage Dry self prime and reprime Environmental Suction lifts to 9m Industrial Operates in 'snore' conditions Mining Conversion kits for WellPoint dewatering Sewage and high heads Liquids Diesel, electric or hydraulic drive Sludge Solids handling up to 90mm Slimes Simple maintenance Solids Handling Replaceable wear parts Clean Water Chassis - skid, road tow, wheeled, caged Zero emissions available

8 Pump flow Tested pump flow of a BP3434c21

9 Pump Applications Mud, Silt & Slurry Sewage Oil Rags & Fibres
Heavy Iron Oxide

10 Spate pump

11 Features of Spate pump ● Indefinite dry running ● Automatic priming
● Flows up to 30m3/h ● 30m Delivery head ● 9meter suction lift ● Robust ● Simple maintenance ● Handles crude oil, sand, grit and more ● Max. solids size 6mm

12 Dredging Dredger busy working

13 Auger Dredging

14 Dredging Applications
 Canal creation trough wet areas  Deep-water mineral recovery  Cleaning dams and sludge separation  Diamond dredging Hazardous waste materials  Jetty building  Marina/Harbor dredging  Material handling  Pipeline trenching wet/dry areas  Pipe lying through swamp/mangrove areas  Pre contract survey work  Removal of sludge Repairs and sealing of dams Underwater recovery of Sand, Clay sediments,   Coal fines,   Fly/volcanic ash,   Industrial waste,   Lime/Alum sludge,   Oil/ A.P.I. Sludge and   Raw sewage

15 Excavator Dredging Excavator with Long rich boom

16 Some of our Excavators

17 Sludge Dredging Plantation Dredging, Dredging of reeds Dredging of Fly-ash

18 Amphibians Excavator

19 Amphibious excavator with a Bell Hydraulic submersible pump

20 A Bovu Amphitrex is an amphibious excavator that can travel and work effectively on soft terrain such as swamps, wetlands and water Bell Hydraulic submersible pump

21 Industrial Cleaning (Vacuuming)
Unblocking of piping

22 Vacuuming with Super sucker
Suction Power of the super sucker

23 Industrial Cleaning(HP Jetting)

24 Vacuum trucks The unit is designed for maximum reliability and simplicity, resulting in lower maintenance costs, less downtime and greater productivity. These units are designed for the following: Surface Preparation &  Cleaning Coating Removal Tube Cleaning Stripe Removal Vessel & Tank Cleaning Sewer Jetting Pipe Cleaning

25 More info For more info Contact us Edward Bovu, 0839684674
Carin Louw, André Louw, Micheal Horn Head Office, Witbank,

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