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A high-impact service plan for the city of vermillion, sd [vermillionbright]

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1 a high-impact service plan for the city of vermillion, sd [vermillionbright]

2 Table of Contents Message from the Mayor Executive Summary About Cities of Service About AARP About the Cities of Service- Volunteer Chief Service Officer Initiative Initiative Overview Using service to respond to city challenges – Priority need area – Specific challenges Impact Service Initiatives Metrics [vermillionbright]

3 Dear Friends, The City of Vermillion has been the communitys electric provider since 1915. In our nearly 100 years of serving Vermillions electrical needs, many things have changed. Energy conservation is one focus today as we prepare to serve Vermillion for the next 100 years. The City is pleased to partner with the Vermillion Public School and community to educate the middle school students and their families about energy efficiency. I am pleased to take the education another step farther into practice by supplying energy efficient light bulbs. A hands-on educational experience enhances the message through volunteering and will hopefully develop in a lifetime practice. Vermillion Bright is the City of Vermillions high impact service plan developed with the support of Cities of Service. The plan is designed to engage volunteer interest in energy conservation. Enhanced efforts and practices to conserve energy benefit all Vermillion residents for generations to come. Thanks to Maxine Johnson for servicing as our Chief Service Officer to coordinate this project. We appreciate her efforts and all those who practice energy efficient efforts to make Vermillion Bright. John Jack Powell A Message from Our Mayor [vermillionbright]

4 Executive Summary As part of Mayor Powells commitment to move the City of Vermillion forward, Vermillion Bright offers a high-impact service plan that will provide residents with more opportunities to contribute to environmental sustainability. This initiative targets Vermillions most pressing challenges while encouraging growth of a volunteer force across the community. We will accomplish these objectives by: Identifying priorities and targets Using best-practices to maximize results and program sustainability Setting clear outcomes and measures to gauge progress. [vermillionbright]

5 About Cities of Service Founded in New York City on September 10, 2009 by 17 mayors from cities across the nation, Cities of Service is a bipartisan coalition of mayors who have committed to work together to engage citizens to address critical city needs through impact volunteerism. The coalition aims to create a vibrant and growing network of municipal governments effectively leveraging citizen service as a reliable, viable tool to achieve measurable impact on pressing local challenges. By accelerating the service movement at the most local levelconnecting local needs to the supply of willing volunteers in innovative and impactful new waysCities of Service aspires to create a new chapter in Americas longstanding history of service while making local government more effective. Today, the Cities of Service coalition includes more than 100 mayors, representing nearly 50 million Americans. Like the founding mayors, each coalition member has made a commitment to work with other mayors around the country and advance service strategies in their own city by crafting a high-impact service plan. The City of Vermillion joined Cities of Service in May of 2011. [vermillionbright]

6 About AARP AARP was founded on the principle of service. Since its establishment in 1958, AARP has been dedicated to delivering value to its members through service. Now, with the heightened interest in civic engagement and a new vitality around service, including the passage of the Kennedy Serve America Act in 2009, AARP is well positioned to tap into the strength of its millions of members to help solve pressing problems at the community level through the Cities of Service – AARP Volunteer Chief Service Officer Initiative. [vermillionbright]

7 About the Cities of Service-Volunteer Chief Service Officer Initiative Through collaboration between Cities of Service and AARP, Cities of Service coalition members with less than 125,000 residents have been given the opportunity to appoint highly-skilled volunteers to serve as Chief Service Officers for one year, many of whom come from AARPs membership. Chief Service Officers are senior members of the mayors leadership team and are responsible for the development and implementation of a high-impact service plan that leverages citizen service to address the citys most pressing challenges. In addition to appointing a volunteer Chief Service Officer, participating cities receive a $5,000 Recognition Award from AARP and technical assistance from Cities of Service to develop and implement their high-impact service plans. [vermillionbright]

8 Initiative Overview The mission for Vermillion Bright is to supply Vermillion residents with reliable, cost effective energy in a fiscally responsible and environmentally sensitive manner. This will be accomplished by volunteers and students who will educate residents about energy efficient practices and by distributing energy efficient light bulbs. A program of distributing energy-saving light bulbs will take place at the beginning of the second semester in cooperation with Vermillion Middle School eighth grade class. [vermillionbright]

9 Home Energy Use Nationwide, consumers spend $241 billion each year on energy for home use. About 1 in 5 of the nation's energy dollars is spent in homes. 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse-gas emissions are put into the atmosphere as a byproduct of making the energy to power U.S. homes Upgrading all of the lights in one home to CFLs could reduce the energy use of a family of four by 938 kWh of electricity per year, saving them roughly $83.00. Upgrading all of the lights in one home to CFLs could reduce the greenhouse-gas emissions by 1,709 pounds. [vermillionbright]

10 Vermillion Brights Goals Help 200 homes use power more wisely, saving them money. Reduce the demand on the electrical system by 187,600 kWh per year, reducing the need for new generation sources. Develop and maintain strong relationships between the City and its residents. [vermillionbright]

11 How it works Students will learn about energy conservation and energy efficiency in the classroom. Students share their knowledge of energy conservation and efficiency with others by presenting info to 7 friends or family members outside of the classroom. [vermillionbright] In class Learning Out-Of-Class education through volunteering Increased community awareness of electricity

12 Vermillion Bright Service Plan Priority Need Area Impact Metrics GoalsLead Partner Launch Date Energy efficient behaviors Number of energy efficient behavior changes Replace 500 incandescent bulbs with 500 CFLs Vermillion Middle School February 2012 Awareness of energy efficient behaviors Awareness of energy use reduction techniques Complete 200 signature cards Vermillion Middle School students February 2012 Reduction in energy use Total reduction in energy use Reduce energy use by 187,600 kWh as a result of strategies City of Vermillion February 2012 [vermillionbright]

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