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Kevin Morgan Planet Blue Operations Teams: Involving the Campus Community

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1 Kevin Morgan Planet Blue Operations Teams: Involving the Campus Community

2 University of Michigan Utility Consumption FY2012 Energy Costs: $117,000,000

3 History of Energy Management at U-M Pre 1997: Building Performance Teams 1997-2003: Energy Star / Green Lights 2004-2007: Energy Conservation and Outreach 2008-2010: Planet Blue Program 2010 – Present: Planet Blue Operations Teams

4 Research Based Actions U-M Institute for Social Research – Professor Bob Marans Problem: – We dont know enough about what people do and think about energy conservation – We dont know enough about modifying behavior Conducted a study in five pilot buildings

5 Survey Knowledge of U-M reduction efforts Energy Fest – participation & impacts Awareness and evaluation of posters Availability & use of supplemental lighting Willingness to accept changes Uncomfortable working conditions Unclear or lack of information Computer access – remote Willingness to accept less comfortable temps

6 Recommendations Leadership – visible support Information – share past history, current data Motivation – behavior change Existing Building Changes – fan schedules, lighting, ECMs Future Building Design – LEED Silver

7 Planet Blue was born Strong branding Interactive website Marketing collateral Mission statement

8 Mission Statement Actively engage the campus community to conserve energy and increase recycling thereby saving money and benefitting the environment.

9 Key messages Save energy, save money and save the planet Simple acts, profound effects It starts with you, it starts right now, it starts right here.

10 Key stakeholders Executive Officers Deans/Directors Budget administrators Facility managers Administrators Skilled Trades Custodians Students Environmental Zealots

11 How Planet Blue Operates Assess the building Planet Blue Team (for each building) Leadership meeting Open House Event Outreach and Tools ECMs & Recommissioning Building Tracking 11

12 Build Teams

13 Leadership Support Engage Leadership Request support – Encourage Staff – Verbal statement of support

14 Open House


16 Share Info






22 Outreach Tools

23 Earth Fest

24 Online Resources

25 Commissioning People & Work Commission people and technology Point of use tools


27 Measure success Utility bills – Report card – Results poster Attendance at open house Planet Blue citizens General buzz

28 The Savings Achieved and maintained – At least $4.1 Million in cost savings annually – 8.1% reduction in energy consumption – Avoided 17,800 MT/CO2 – Energy and emissions equivalent to approximately 2,500 homes and 3,600 cars


30 Where do we belong? Planet Blue Operations Teams (focus: energy conservation) Recycling Alternative Transportation Green IT Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute (GESI) Erb Institute Schools and Colleges Planet Blue Ambassadors Operations Research and Education The Sustainability Brand for U-M Office of Campus Sustainability


32 Kevin Morgan Planet Blue Operations Teams: Involving the Campus Community

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