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ELIKO Competence Centre Indrek Ruiso CEO 08.10.2013.

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1 ELIKO Competence Centre Indrek Ruiso CEO 08.10.2013

2 General: Background ELIKO is a private R&D company founded in 2004, focusing on applied research. Activities are supported by Enterprise Estonia and EU programs; Main support from Estonian Competence Centers Program 2009-2015 (12MEUR, ca 3MEUR annually). Today we have: Around 40 scientists and engineers; around 150 publications and 10 patent applications since 2004; two successful EU Framework projects initiated, also EUROSTARS, ITEA2 projects; altogether around 20 consortia members.

3 General: Main R/D directions TOPIC I Signal processing and communication. Focus on: Producing specific electrical electrical signals for fast biomaterial analysis; Sensor signal conditioning and reasoning (sensor signal pattern recognition; Wireless communication, IP based LR-WPAN networks; eHealth, and smart environment applications. TOPIC II Personalised (smart space) services and embedded SW/HW testing. Focus on Web data mining and (centralized) reasoning; Model based testing of HW and SW; Trusted information exchange (public data exchange system, X-road II) Bottom up approach: technology driven

4 ITEA2 project D-Mint ( for model based testing of complex systems. Tartu city lighting system EUROSTARS project MakinIT for semantic data harvesting for content personalization. MakinIT is being followed by an FP7 Marie Curie project entitled TEAM. FP7 Smartmuseum project which enabled RFID based exposition tagging in European Museums (with TKK/Aalto). SESS EUROSTARS project for measuring the condition of electricity windmills. FP6 Roboswarm ELIKO is member of IPSO alliance of IP based networking of Smart Objets. ELIKO is subject of Innovation-share program of Enterprise Estonia Consulting (RFID). General: Other Projects

5 Impedance Spectroscopy Measurement Technology The spectrum contains 14 components at 1, 2, 4, 8f,..., until 8192 f with mean RMS value of 0.22 each. Max level deviation is +/- 3.5 %; 67 % of the total energy is concentrated onto desired frequencies

6 Impedance Spectroscopy General applications Non invasive methods for detection of atherosclerosis Measurement setup and methodics, clinical trials on patients with diabetes, coronary diseases, kidney problems Cardiac Transfer Function (TF) Reconstruction of the aortic Blood Pressure (BP) waveform from the radial Electrical Bio-Impedance (EBI) waveform Separation of the Cardiac & Respiratory components of the total EBI Extraction of the Cardiac and Respiratory activity parameters from the EBI Tissue monitoring Noninvasive monitoring of the tissue transplants postoperatively, including detection of reperfusion Microfluidics and cell level measurements Including drug impact monitoring

7 Impedance Spectroscopy, Available device Wideband multifrequency impedance spectroscopy device QUADRA TM using wideband mufti-frequency excitation signal measuring the response voltage across the impedance measuring the response current through the impedance Excitation signal: is customized binary sequence of pulses contains 4 to 16 spectral components at selected frequencies has required magnitudes according to the expected characteristics of the impedance under investigation

8 Impedance Spectroscopy Technology Applications For positioning of medical syringe needles: The technology enables reliable real-time tissue identification (in vivo), real-time identification of various physiological condition of organs, use broad range of needles, including very thin hypodermic needles For meat quality: Enables to measure different physical parameters simultaneously which results in carcass grading models with higher precision and prediction of additional quality traits, such as PSE, RSE, RFN, and DFD meat quality types, tenderness, drip loss, and water holding capacity

9 Smart Environment Smart Street lighting soft- and hardware: -Wireless connectivity, USSD, 2G, 3G -Web based user interface -Easy to install and maintain -Used in South Estonia to control over 10000 street lamps -Soft- and hardware available for sales

10 UWB Positioning Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio based positioning. This is, in fact, the only simple infrastructure technology with sufficient accuracy (+-10..20cm) today available. Development project for tractors and a wireless bacon positioning system

11 Project: NFC Simplified trial Card issuer (bank) Trusted service manager (TSM) mWallet application Card applet on secure element Wallet app maintainer Acquirer (bank1) SEprovider Card applet provider Acquirer (bank2)

12 Project: Further mWallet Bank cards Loyality cards Tickets mID mHealth Etc. Bank cards Loyality cards Tickets mID mHealth Etc. Default payment card

13 13 Project: Telecare Hospital patient selfassessment Monitoring at home (risk pregnancy) Videoconversations

14 14 Project: Interoperability (telecare) Main focus: (home) telecare – smooth integration of PHR and EHR data; RELATED TO further (personal) eHealth systems and new X-Road (v 2.0 development);

15 15 Project: Human motion tracking (rehab, condition assessment) Expessive video systems (10k) Hi end (>5k, Xsense) and activity monitors (250, PALTech, Biosensics, ActiGraph) based on accelerometers Source: Xsens, Netherlands Medium cost motion tracking devices for POC/home use

16 16 Project: Personalized services The aim is to develop algorithms that are based on ontologies and that can take into account user's behavior and preferences. Created knowledge is used in building the following solutions: new solutions in geo-informatical databases, the development of a tourism suggestion engine (, Intelligent (learning) project management software development (

17 Thank you for your attention! Indrek Ruiso

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