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Status Review General Motors For TEAM Project on November 28, 2012.

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1 Status Review General Motors For TEAM Project on November 28, 2012

2 2 - Confidential Project Information Start Date20-Nov-2011End DatePhase 1: 14-Nov-2012 Phase 2: 19-Dec-2012 Current PhasePost Go Live Support / Support Fixes Milestone CompletedProject Plan Sign Off Requirement Sign Off (Phase 1) Prototype Sign Off Requirement Sign Off (Phase 2) Design UAT Technical Go LIVE Project Health Project Status Support issues fixes in progress Development is in progress No delay in current activities Minor delays in current activities More than a weeks delay in current activities L EGENDS

3 3 - Confidential Technical Go Live on November 15, 2012 Pilot Group Identified: CPOV Team – Includes Sales Director & MD Pilot Group Trained on November 22, 2012 Agreement to submit TAs for travels starting December 01, 2012 First TA1 submitted and approved on November 25, 2012 Where are we today?

4 4 - Confidential Current Status – Pending Items Phase 1 - Items Sr. No.TasksFinish Date 1 Formatting10-Dec-12 2ER Dashboard Stack Count12-Dec-12 3TA PDF Correction28-Nov-12 Phase 2 - Items Sr. No.TasksFinish Date 1Organization Hierarchy Update5-Dec-12 2Reconcile Already Reported Entries17-Dec-12 3Reports19-Dec-12

5 5 - Confidential Total Issues / Tasks StatusTotal Closed101 Enhancement - Cost15 Enhancement - NC13 Scheduled50 Grand Total179 Consolidated view of Issues Scheduled Issue TypeHighMediumLowTotal Functional87318 Non- Functional Grand Total

6 6 - Confidential Consolidated view of Issues Enhancement - Non Chargeable Issue TypeLowMediumTotal Functional 44 Non-Functional8 8 Grand Total8412

7 7 - Confidential * All dates are dates on staging Issues Open & Plan Sr. No.Tasks / IssuesFinish Date , My Team Menu for Grade 7 & Above29-Nov Laundry Expense29-Nov ER Select City - Error Message29-Nov Draft ER - Exclude from Exception29-Nov Consistent Legend Sequencing29-Nov-12 6ER PDF Generation29-Nov TA PDF Corrections29-Nov Business Purpose Field in ER4-Dec , Remove / Reset Button in ER Details5-Dec-12 10TA - Other than Go Live5-Dec-12 11Phase Organisation Hierarchy Update5-Dec , , , DOA MD to Delegate Downwards9-Dec-12 13ER s10-Dec , TA Menu Change11-Dec BB & PB Claim Rule11-Dec , ER Dashboard Counts12-Dec ER Rejection12-Dec-12 18Others - File Feed Scheduler13-Dec-12

8 8 - Confidential Issues Open & Plan Sr. No.Tasks / IssuesFinish Date 19Phase Reconcile Already Reported Entries17-Dec , Adjustment Entry17-Dec Number Formatting19-Dec-12 22Phase 2 - Download Prefilled Form - Credit Card17-Dec , Phase Reports19-Dec TA Cancellation - Browse Back Issue23-Dec-12 25Others - Maintenance Program to re-generate JV & PDF23-Dec Add Business Purpose in TD Listing24-Dec , Attachments to Open in New Page26-Dec , ER Cancellation26-Dec Calendar & Menu Overlap26-Dec , , , , Reordering ER Details Columns27-Dec , Ticket Cost Validation in TD30-Dec , Phone Bill File Upload Control3-Jan , Phase 2 - Download Prefilled Form - Kanoo Profile3-Jan , , Hr Glass when selecting City in ER7-Jan , Others - Announcement View All Page9-Jan TA reuse in ER to allow blank Expense Details15-Jan New Approved TA PDF Format28-Jan-13

9 9 - Confidential Issues for Resolution Sr. No.DescriptionResponsibilityTarget DateStatusClosed Date Variance in Days Status 1User Manual3i InfotechNovember 30, 2012 Open0 2Support Process Document3i InfotechDecember 15, 2012 Open0 3Rollout Plan for other DepartmentsGMDecember 15, 2012 Open0 4Performance issues3i InfotechJanuary 15, 2013 Open0

10 Thank you

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