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Unit 1 Project Is Australia really a sporting nation? by Liu Chun-xia.

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1 Unit 1 Project Is Australia really a sporting nation? by Liu Chun-xia

2 S p o r t i n g ? kangaroo

3 Koala Emu

4 the Sydney Opera House

5 the 2000 Sydney Olympics


7 Gold Beaches

8 Australia Really a sporting nation?

9 Fast-reading 1.What s the topic of the passage? 2.Do most of Australians do much sport? 3. In the 2004 Athens Olympics, which prize did Australia get? No. About ¼ of them exercise enough. The fourth. Only the USA, China, and Russia won more medals. Australia is really a sporting nation.

10 Reading strategy: the structure of an essay There should be a topic. There should be some supporting details, by giving facts, by reasoning, and so on. There can be a conclusion at the end.

11 Answer the questions after reading the text again. 1)What do Australians often talk about when they get together? Sport. Their conversation can be an analysis for the most recent sport results, or a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses or different players and their teams.

12 2) How do they like sport? 3) Why are many Australians overweight and unfit? They talk about sport all the time. Anywhere they get together, the conversation quickly turns to sport. They also like to watch games. Because they are content to just sit in their armchairs watching a sporting event, with a drink in one hand and some fast food in the other.

13 What are the favorable factors for Australians to do outdoors First, the climate is mild, neither too hot nor too cold. The sun shines most of the time. Second, there is plenty of space, including many seaside areas. Third, there is a two-day weekend to enjoy the outdoors.

14 What sports are popular in Australia? SportsExamplesWhy popular water sports ball games others swimming, surfing, sailing mild, neither…nor, shine, live, a two- day weekend tennis, cricket, rugby, soccer, footy horse racing well-equipped facilities, after school lessons encouragement a long history a sport to watch almost everyone involved

15 Is Australia a sporting nation? In most international ____________, Australia is among the winning nations. In the Olympic Games in _________, Australian performers often win a greater ___________of medals than many of their competitors. For example, in the 2004 Athens Olympics, only ________, ______ and _______ won more medals in total than Australia. ___________ its relatively small population, all the athletes were _______ of praise. competitions particular percentage the USAChina Russia Considering worthy

16 Conclusion How does the writer support the idea that Australia is a sporting nation?

17 Supporting details 1. The Australians love sport, although they do not often exercise much. 2. The climate makes it possible to do outdoor activities. 3. The inhabitation near the coast produces unique water activities. 4. Public facilities provide chances for sport.

18 Supporting details 5. Children are encouraged to have sport. 6. The influences of foreign countries make Australians love sport. 7. Some sports with a long history make Australians interested in. 8. Achievements in international games prove it to be a sporting nation.

19 Retelling all the time, anywhere, get together turn to, statistics, be content to mild, owe… to, seaside, best of all popular activities be equipped with, encourage … to International competitions, in particular a greater percentage, be worthy of as far as …is concerned

20 Australia is really a _______ nation. Theres nothing __________ about Australians ________ to sport. However, most of them are ______ to just sit in their armchairs and watch. Thats why many Australians are _________ and ____. The climate is ____, ______too hot ___ too cold. Many people ___ their love of sport ___ the perfect weather conditions. With most of its population _____ near the coast, ________ and ______ are popular activities. content ambiguous devotion sporting overweight unfit mild neither nor owe to swimmingliving surfing Consolidation

21 Most tennis courts are ________ with lighting facilities, so many people often play after _____ in the evening, or ____ into the night. Parents and teachers also _________ children to __________ in team sports. Another popular sport, cricket, is ________ from the UK. Like other sports, ______ ______has a long history in Australia. It is definitely a sport to watch. In most international ___________, Australia is among the winning nations. So, as far as most of its population is _________, Australia is indeed a great sporting nation. equipped dusklate encourage participate originally horseracing competitions concerned

22 Assignment Retell the text and think about something special about Chinese culture, and find out some reasons for it.

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