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El alfabeto mexicano O. Peña Clase de Srta. Peña 29 de noviembre del 2011 Período 1.

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1 El alfabeto mexicano O. Peña Clase de Srta. Peña 29 de noviembre del 2011 Período 1

2 Acapulco is a city on Mexicos Pacifc coast famous for its beautiful beaches. It is known as the Pacific Jewel and serves as an important source of tourism income for Mexico. A

3 Bull Fighting is still a very popular tradition in Mexico. Many crowds will gather in arenas such as Plaza México to watch this sport also known as fiesta brava. B

4 Calavera is the Spanish word for skull. Images of death such as these abound during Día de los Muertos. This holiday celebrates deceased loved ones in November. C

5 Chihuahua is a state on the norther border Mexico shares with the United States. Also, a small dog breed that originated in that state is very popular in Mexicos often crowded yards. Ch

6 Dulce de leche is a Mexican milk- based dessert sauce. It serves as the base for many sweet dishes and is made by slowly boiling sugar and either cow or goat milk. D

7 Elefante was a rock band formed in Mexico City in 1996. They helped popularize their own brand of rock music. Their song Así es la vida was a big sensation. E

8 France is a country that after two conflicts with Mexico attempted to set up an empire. For four years, Maximilian Bonaparte, was installed as emperor by his cousin Napoleon III. F

9 Guitar is a very important instrument in Mexican music. Most typical bands include a member that plays the guitar. G

10 Hidalgo, Miguel was a Catholic priest who led the Mexican Independence movement. He was born in the Americas and wanted to be treated as those born in Spain were. H

11 Iguana is the common name for various groups of lizard species that are native to south Mexico. I

12 Juarez, Benito was president of Mexico for five terms. He was of Zapotec origin and also the only president to be of mestizo descent. He resisted and overthrew the French invasions. J

13 Kingsnake is a colubrid snake found in the northern desert regions of Mexico that is often kept as a pet. K

14 Lasso The English word comes from the pial floreada, a competition where gentlemen, or Charros, compete to tie up a mare while also making air designs with their lasos. L

15 La LLorona is a common ghost story in Mexico. In the story a woman drows her children so her soul travels the earth wailing and looking for them. La llorona means the weeper. LL

16 Monterrey is a city in Northern Mexico, capital of the state of Nuevo León, and the third largest city in México. It is the second richest city in the country and also the most Americanized. M

17 Nachos is the name given to a traditional dish. Fried tortilla chips are covered with beans and cheese as well as some sort of meat and other toppings. N

18 NiÑos Heroes means Boy heroes and is the name given to six teenage military cadets who died defending Chapultepec castle from U.S. forces. They are celebrated on Sept. 13 Ñ

19 Oaxaca is pronounced (Wah-ha-ka) and is a state in Southern Mexico. It is known for its biodiversity along with its cultural diversity. 16 different recognized tribes occupy this state alone. O

20 President is the leader of the country; currently Felipe Calderón. Mexico is a federal democracy much like the US. Unlike the US, elections are held every six years and the president may only hold one term. P

21 ¿Qué? is how you say what? in Spanish, the language of Mexico. Many other question words also start with q. Q

22 La Riviera Maya is a tourist region along the Caribbean coast line of southern Mexico that extends from the Tourist city of Cancún to the ancient Mayan ruins at Tulúm. R

23 IñáRRitu, Alejandro Gonzalez is an acclaimed Mexican director who has won 12 Academy awards along with other aknowledgements. His films include, Amores perros, 21 grams, Babel, and Biutiful. RR

24 Soccer is considered the most popular sport in the country. Regional games are widely attended and the Mexican teams progress in various world tournament is followed by most mexicans. S

25 Tenochtitlán was a city built on Lake Texcoco that served as the capital of the Aztec empire. When the Spaniards arrived, they conquered the city-state and it became modern day, Mexico city. T

26 Uxmal is an ancient Maya city in the state of Yucatán in southern Mexico. Its name means built three times although its origin is a mystery. U

27 Villa, Pancho Was a revolutionary general whose real name was Doroteo Arango. During the revolution he seized lands and robbed trains to distribute wealth to the poor. V

28 Dr. Wagner Jr. is a former luchador enmascarado or masked professional wrestler. He learned the skill from his father Dr. Wagner, has a famous brother who wrestles in the US, the Silver King and also has a son, who wrestles known as Dr. Wagner III. W

29 Xochilimco Is a region of Mexico city that still encompasses the many canals that formed part of Teotihuacán. The canals and bright boats called chinampas are considered a world heritage site. X

30 Yucatán Is the name of Mexicos southermost peninsula that separates the Caribbean sea from the Gulf of Mexico. In Mexico it is divided into the states of Yucatán, Campeche and Quintana Roo. Y

31 Zapata, Emiliano was a leading figure in the Mexican revolution of 1910 which was intended to overthrow the dictator, Porfirio Díaz. Z

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