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Active Nation Diving Programme

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1 Active Nation Diving Programme
The Quays Southampton

2 The Vision The VISION for the Active Nation Diving Programme, Southampton is : To deliver a high quality programme that caters for divers and pre-divers at all stages of development and with different aspirations and aptitudes. The programme will promote enjoyment and encourage participants to commit to the sport

3 The LTAD Pyramid Training to compete Training to train
Learning to train Training To win FUNdamentals

4 The Programme Pyramid Elite Junior Elite Squads Age Group
Skills Squads Elite TID Lesson scheme Tasters

5 Numbers Elite 15 Age Group Squads 30 Skills Squads 45
(these are subject to change) Elite 15 Junior Elite Squads 20 Age Group Squads 30 Skills Squads 45 TID 60 Lesson scheme 330 Tasters 300

6 Selection Criteria Represent GB Competing at
National Junior Elite Level Competing at National Age Group Level Skills – competing at National Skills Level Anyone who would like to try diving (TID divers are chosen from ~ 2000 school children)

7 Training Offered Elite Up to 9 sessions Age group Squads 4 sessions
Junior elite Squads 6 sessions Age group Squads 4 sessions Skills squad – 3 sessions TID – Initially 2 hours, up to 4.5h by end of year 1 Lesson scheme - 1x30 min lesson for 6 weeks Tasters - 1 x free 30 min lesson

8 The Sharp End

9 Our part in British Diving since 1999
4 Olympians, 12 Senior National Team members, 15 Junior National team members leading to: Junior Europeans – 2 x gold, 6 x medals Junior Worlds – 1 x gold, 2 x medals European Champions Cup – 2 x gold, 3 x medals European Championships – 2 x bronze medals Commonwealth Games – 2 x gold, 1 x silver, 1 x 3rd World Series – 4 x gold, 2 x bronze, 8 x finalists World Cup – 1 x silver, 2 x bronze, 16 x finalists World Championships – 1 x bronze, 7 x finalists Olympic Games – 1 x silver, 7 x finalists

10 Current Senior International divers
Peter Waterfield – Olympic silver medallist, World bronze medallist, Commonwealth and European Champion Stacie Powell – Double Olympic finalist, 4th in the World 2010 Max Brick – Commonwealth Champion Chris Mears – Olympic finalist 3m individual and 3m synchro Gary Hunt – World Cliff High Dive Champion 2010/2011/2012

11 Current Junior International Divers
Rosie Medlock – Junior European Bronze medalist Bethany Watts – National silver medalist Georgie Wingrove – National silver medalist Sarah White – National silver medalist Lauren Grinstead – National bronze medalist

12 Our programme coaches Lindsey Fraser – Diving Development Officer for Active Nation, Director of coaching for Southampton Diving Academy, British Olympic diving coach Xinde Zhang – Chinese diving coach employed by British diving to help our quest for medals in 2012 Jack Clewlow – former International diver, Senior coach 4 additional coaches who work with the England programme 2 coaches on 20 hour per week contracts working at the base of the programme 11 x level 2 diving teachers 23 x level 1 diving teachers 16 x ‘helpers’

13 Training for funded senior athletes provided in Southampton
British diving fund The Quays at Southampton for 20 hours of facility use per week for the four funded divers Physio, pilates, S&C and massage = 6 hours per week Weekly meeting with LF = 1 hour Regular meetings with psychologist, and performance lifestyle = ~3 hours per month Total hours = 28 hours a week

14 Sports Science Support
Monday – Massage for Peter Waterfield Tuesday – S&C andPhysio for senior and junior divers Wednesday – Massage for senior divers, physio for junior divers Thursday – Massage and pilates for senior divers Friday – Physio and S&C for seniors, S&C for juniors

15 High performance centres till 2012
4 HPC – Leeds, Sheffield, Plymouth, Southampton Provide World Class Facilities (pool, dryland, sports science support, coaches) Funded by British Diving Lead the way in new initiatives Maintain and improve performances at National & International level Mentoring system

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