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West Cheshire Performance Centre Update Summer 2014.

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1 West Cheshire Performance Centre Update Summer 2014

2 What is a Performance Centre? Made up of Performance Pathway – Raw, Developing and Emerging Talent Squads and Club Pathway – Wirral Cell, Beacon Junior BC, Millbrook, Neston, Christleton, Bidston etc Performance Pathway is a coaching environment, which is monitored and answerable to BE

3 What is a Performance Centre? Club Pathway Provides an environment for fun, fitness, participation, social interaction and competition Performance Pathway Provides the same benefits as Club Pathway Is for Players (and parents) who display a high level of commitment Provides an environment where talented players are challenged Divided into 3 skill levels (Raw, Developing, Emerging) Allows movement between skill levels based on an objective assessment of skill level and competition performance Provides an opportunity for the most talented players to progress to....... World Class Programmes Provide intensive training and competition programmes for junior and senior players who have reached (or display the potential to reach) World Class

4 What is the Performance Pathway? Players on the Performance Pathway have committed to: Desire and Commitment 152 hours training per year (e.g. 38 weeks x 4 hrs) Compete at appropriate level on regular basis (BE sanctioned events) Focus on singles Involvement in complimentary activity (other badminton, physical training, complimentary sports) Player evaluation by PC Coaches

5 Player Profiles Used at least once a year Squad progression is based on Player Profiles, as well as Tournament Participation Assist coaches in planning sessions appropriately Tournament Review Sheets

6 Tournaments Minimum competition requirement for each squad Raw Talent – 3 to include County Championships and Performance Centre Tournament Developing Talent – 5, including 2 as above Emerging Talent – 8, including 2 as above PC Tournament Co-ordinator – Nic Jennings

7 BE Performance Pathway

8 36 Performance Centres (WCPC = No 14) EPT (England Performance Training) – 10 Closest is Manchester, run by Colin Haughton TASS Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme

9 Where are we now? Link with Colin Haughton – ex International and Head Coach of Manchester PC and EPT. Colin provides on-court support, mainly for the Emerging Talent Squad. 3 visits per year. Feedback provided to BE and Head Coach Growing number of young Level 1 and 2 coaches brought into the Performance Centre and mentored by Head Coach and Senior Coach to help them to develop Sponsor and mentor players to become Level 1 and eventually Level 2 coaches who will in-turn strengthen and extend the coaching team Introduction of Rising Stars Squad (Sept 12) to allow novice players to be brought into the structure without the need for the 4hrs training requirement

10 Where do we want to be? Produce players who are able to compete at the highest level Offer the required 152 hours coaching per year for every player Have a pool of appropriately qualified and experienced coaches Continue to be self supporting by careful budgeting and bidding for additional funding

11 Season 2013/14 Reintroduction of Emerging Talent Squad – numbers increased from 5 to 8 (capacity) over the course of the season Currently space in all other squads, which gives excellent player/coach ratios and also allows players to move up into the next squad as soon as they reach an appropriate technical standard Rising Stars Squad is thriving – 4 new players during the season New Coaches – Katie Marchbank (Level 2) and Gareth Dixon(Level 1) Numbers grown from 39 to 42, despite losing 4 players

12 Season 2013/14 WCPC Tournament – Christmas 2013 FZ Forza/Unipart Tournament Regional Round – May 2014 for non-County Players National Final June 2014 – 3 players from Raw Talent Squad all winning medals Inter PC Tournament July 2014 – 6 teams in total

13 Season 2014/15 New Kit pre-ordered from Forza Sponsorship programme continuing Able to offer 20% off list price – demo rackets etc

14 Questions Session timing Session frequency Session content Value for money Are the players improving as a result of PC attendance?

15 Can you help? Committee Members desperately required Please speak to us if you have some spare time and can help out

16 Any other questions?

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