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1 25/08/2014Lancashire Sport Partnership Funding Opportunities for Clubs Beth Kay.

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1 1 25/08/2014Lancashire Sport Partnership Funding Opportunities for Clubs Beth Kay

2 2 25/08/2014Lancashire Sport Partnership 6-8 week funded programme to target 11-25 year olds who are less engaged in sport. (3 Nov 2014) To improve and refurbish sports clubs or transform non-sporting venues into modern grassroots sport facilities, between £20-50k is available. CSAF (Summer 2014) Multi-sport projects which engage family orientated activity for those 14+ across 3 years. The grants range from £50 - £250k

3 3 25/08/2014Lancashire Sport Partnership Satellite Clubs By 2017, every secondary school in England will have been offered a satellite community sports club on its site which will have a direct link to one or more NGBs Small Grants Awards of between £300 and £10,000 to not-for-profit organisations to engage young people (aged 14+) and adults into sport & physical activity

4 4 25/08/2014Lancashire Sport Partnership Name of FundTypeFunding Available Cash for ClubsClothing/Training/Equipment£250 - £1,000 Dickie Bird FoundationClothing & Equipment for disadvantage YP Not stated Wooden SpoonCapital Projects to help physically & mentally Disadvantaged Children & YP. £20 - 100K Henry Smiths CharityFor Capital and Revenue projects (including staff costs) that address social inequality and economic disadvantage Over £10,000 SportedWork to develop young people in deprived communities £5,000 - 10,000 Bags4SportCoaching/Equipment/Kit/LogisticsUp to £500 Children in NeedProjects for Disadvantaged YPSmall (under £10k) & Main Grants (over £10k) for 3 years Easy FundraisingCash back site for Club MembersUnlimited Torch Trophy TrustTraining bursariesUp to £1,000

5 5 25/08/2014Lancashire Sport Partnership General Points Eligibility Need/Demand Funders Objectives Delivery Plan inc budget Delivery Plan Partnerships Pilot where you can Monitor and Evaluating

6 Community Club Event 6 25/08/2014Lancashire Sport Partnership This event will enable your club to meet with National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBs), other sport clubs, and schools all of which have a part to play in raising participation particularly within the ‘semi sporty‘ aged 11 - 25. Monday June 30 th @ Fylde Rugby Club 6pm-9pm (includes food from 5.30pm) sports-networking-event-tickets-11692720241

7 Contact Details 7 25/08/2014Lancashire Sport Partnership Lancashire Funding Opportunities: clubs/funding-information/ Beth Kay 01772 299832

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