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College of Arts and Sciences Department of Kinesiology

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1 College of Arts and Sciences Department of Kinesiology

2 Get a B.S. in Kinesiology! Options in: Physical Education Applied Exercise Science Pre-physical Therapy Health Science

3 What is Kinesiology all about? Study of human movement Combines biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, sociology, health, and education

4 Subdisciplines & Careers The next slides present the major subdisciplines in the field of Kinesiology followed by possible career choices The program at CSUSM may not include in-depth study in each of these areas so we recommend contacting a faculty advisor if you have questions For example, we do not have programs that lead directly to Athletic Training or Registered Dietitian Certifications although many of our students pursue these in graduate school.

5 Exercise physiology Parent disciplines: physiology and P.E. Study of how the body functions during exercise (stress) Anatomy Biochemistry Cellular biology

6 Areas of study in exercise phys: research Cardiovascular system Pulmonary system Nervous system Autonomic system Muscular system Bioenergetics and metabolism Endocrine system Immune system Skeletal system

7 Areas of study in exercise phys: clinical Microgravity and space flight Gerontology Spinal cord injury Stroke Cardiac rehab Pulmonary rehab Body comp/wt control Exercise & diabetes Exercise & pregnancy Muscle soreness Environmental ex phys Ergogenic aids Pediatric ex phys Exercise and HIV

8 Biomechanics Parent discipline: kinesiology Mechanical and anatomical aspects of human movement Biomechanics: study of human body in motion Quantitative analysis of motion

9 Biomechanics of exercise & sport Exercise to minimize injury and improve performance Equipment development (shoes, fabrics, swim suits, helmets, racquets) Technique development (i.e. plyometrics, isokinetics)

10 Rehabilitative biomechanics Exercises and machines to train injured individuals Canes, crutches, walkers, orthotics, prostheses, wheelchairs

11 What do sport nutritionists study? Performance and: Carbohydrate intake Protein intake Fat intake Vitamin and mineral intake Water and electrolytes Ergogenic aids Nutrition in healing Health related aspects Heart disease Genetic engineering Obesity

12 Sport psychology Parent disciplines: psychology and physical education Psychology: study of human behavior Sport psychology Fundamental relationships among human behavior, exercise, and sport

13 What do sport psychologists study? Pre-competition anxiety Exercise and stress reduction PE and self-esteem Personality and sports success Exercise adherence Aggression in sport Overtraining Substance abuse in athletes Team cohesion

14 K-12 Physical Education Teach physical education in public & private schools Additional endorsements include special education, health education Teach fitness, instill self- esteem, affect a childs life forever!

15 What can I do with a degree in Kinesiology? Physical/ Occupational therapy Physical education

16 Athletic training Exercise physiology What can I do with a degree in Kinesiology?

17 Fitness instructionCardiopulmonary rehabilitation What can I do with a degree in Kinesiology?

18 Dietetics/Sports nutrition Corporate fitness What can I do with a degree in Kinesiology?

19 Personal trainingStrength & conditioning coaching What can I do with a degree in Kinesiology?

20 Wellness coachingClinical health educator

21 The possibilities are endless… Adult education coordinator General manager of fitness club Aquatic system manager Biomedical equipment tech Chiropractor Cruise ship fitness director Ergonomist Exercise equipment designer Fitness product marketing Gerontology movement specialist Health & fitness writer Medical technologist Military fitness Nurse practitioner Occupational safety specialist Pharmaceutical sales Youth program coordinator

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