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Sport Books Publisher1 Beyond the Gym Class: Career Opportunities in Physical & Health Education Chapter 21.

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1 Sport Books Publisher1 Beyond the Gym Class: Career Opportunities in Physical & Health Education Chapter 21

2 Sport Books Publisher2 Outline Diversity of University PHE Programs Career Opportunities for University PHE Graduates Enhancing Your Career Possibilities

3 Sport Books Publisher3 Diversity of University PHE Programs

4 Sport Books Publisher4 1940-1970 NOW PURPOSE To train teachers EMPLOYMENT Elementary and secondary school Phys.Ed. Teacher NAME Physical Education ADMINISTRATION Linked to athletics Evolution in diversity of knowledge and its application to PHE Developments in related areas: exercise physiology, sports psychology, sports sociology, motor learning, etc. PURPOSE All deal with human movement + specialization EMPLOYMENT Many different areas (discussed later) NAME Diversification To reflect diversification and fragmentation in PHE field Does not always reflect specialization ADMINISTRATION Linked to science- or health- oriented programs, or alone

5 Sport Books Publisher5 PHE Name Diversification (1997) 38 PHE-related programs 55% PHE 45% Other Name: Kinesiology Human Kinetics Kinathropology Exercise Sciences Human Biology

6 Sport Books Publisher6 Career Opportunities for University PHE Graduates

7 Sport Books Publisher7 Teaching Careers

8 Sport Books Publisher8 Teacher certification (Ontario): –Undergraduate degree (B.A., B.P.H.E.) –Followed by a Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) 1980’s –50% PHE graduates 1990’s –10-20% PHE graduates Competition Reduced hiring Present –Again reversed More opportunities Older teachers retiring Rise in number of school age children

9 Sport Books Publisher9 Health and Science Related Careers

10 Sport Books Publisher10 Medical doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist, podiatrist, athletic therapist, etc. Require further study after completion of PHE undergraduate program PHE uniquely prepares graduates for these areas: –Opportunities in the curriculum Anatomy, physiology, sports medicine, community health, etc. –Practical interpersonal and client/patient relationship skill- development opportunities Currently expanding areas: –Health promotion and research organizations –Marketing of exercise and sports-related protective and corrective equipment

11 Sport Books Publisher11 Fitness Related Careers

12 Sport Books Publisher12 1990’s career choice for increasing number of PHE graduates Fitness assessment, instruction, and programming –Fitness clubs, community centres, YMCA’s, employee fitness facilities in large corporations –General population –Special populations –Masters athletes or executives Fitness administration and sales –Sports equipment sales –Sports equipment manufacturing and distribution

13 Sport Books Publisher13 Sports and Recreation Administration Related Careers

14 Sport Books Publisher14 Amateur sport administration Administration and marketing with professional and semi-professional and junior sports teams and organizations Facilities management Sports camp administration and intramural administration in universities and colleges Recreation and leisure –Community recreation organizations –Non-traditional areas for recreation (e.g., outdoor adventure) –Hotel/tourist industry and local tourism, camping, and recreation promotion

15 Sport Books Publisher15 Coaching Related Careers

16 Sport Books Publisher16 Young and elite athletes Particularly those sports with large club bases –Figure skating, swimming, gymnastics, track-and-field –Squash and tennis In the education system –Full time physical education teachers

17 Sport Books Publisher17 Exercise Sciences Related Careers

18 Sport Books Publisher18 Masters and/or Doctoral (Ph.D.) post- graduate education –2-6 years beyond undergraduate education Employment opportunities: –University professors –Researchers or laboratory technicians –Community health promotion and research with private or public organizations or as independent consultants –Community college instructors

19 Sport Books Publisher19 Other Related Careers

20 Sport Books Publisher20 Although not directly related to PHE, still tend to attract PHE graduates Require further training beyond PHE degree PHE offers opportunities to develop physical and interpersonal skills required in these areas –Police officers, fire fighters, and ambulance attendants –Sales and marketing Insurance, pharmaceutical, and textbook sales industry –Computer software design, law, translation, and various entrepreneurial endeavours

21 Sport Books Publisher21 Enhancing Your Career Possibilities

22 Sport Books Publisher22 Having an appropriate university degree is only one of many often necessary attributes Need to gain as much work and practical experience as possible –Volunteer work, summer or part-time employment, university CO-OP experiences –Should be closely related to future career goal

23 Sport Books Publisher23 The Diversification of Physical Education Career Opportunities Reflects: –Diversification of the physical and health education discipline –Changes in the physical patterns and needs of Canadians Increased integration of fitness and leisure into business and private lifestyles Increased awareness of fitness benefits Expanding career opportunities for PHE students indicates a bright future for those pursuing PHE studies

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