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Guide to the 2012 Sports Capital Programme for Clubs / Organisations Mayo Sports Partnership Mayo Education Centre 11 th April 2012.

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1 Guide to the 2012 Sports Capital Programme for Clubs / Organisations Mayo Sports Partnership Mayo Education Centre 11 th April 2012

2 2012 Sports Capital Programme 30m allocated to Sport Maximum Grant allowed is 300k Priority is to have a stronger focus on projects which increase active participation in sport, particularly in disadvantaged areas

3 Sports Capital Programme; Aims & Objectives – Assist voluntary and community organisations, National Governing Bodies, Local Authorities and Schools to develop high quality, safe, well designed and sustainable facilities in appropriate locations – Prioritise the needs of disadvantaged areas in the provision of sports facilities – Encourage the multi-purpose use of facilities at national, regional and community level by clubs, community organisations and NGBs

4 Different Categories of Applications National Key Strategic Facilities – Facilities developed to international specification and designated by the NGB as its primary competition or training venue Regional Facilities – Facilities that attract users across several counties and conform to specification of the NGB and or incorporate a range of sports facilities for training at the highest international level

5 Different Categories of Applications Local Community Facilities – Sports Facilities that maximise participation in sport and physical recreation

6 Deadline for Applications Online Applications – 5pm on Friday 1 st June Paper Based Applications (and all supporting documentation) – 5pm on Friday 11 th May 2012 For a copy of the Full Guidelines and to apply visit

7 Compulsory Requirements Essentials

8 Evidence of non Discrimination 1.1.1 Evidence that your organisation does not discriminate against anybody on the grounds of gender, civil status, family status, age, disability race, sexual orientation, religious belief, or membership of the Traveller Community Statement outlining policy on non discrimination / copy of rules/ constitution

9 Evidence of own Funding 1.1.2 Applicants must make a local contribution towards the cost of the project Amount depends on whether the proposed facility is classified as local regional or national Evidence of own funding required – Bank statements for last 6 months and or letter of loan approval Financial Institution Loan Offer – (Sample letter at end of SCP Guidelines)

10 Evidence of own Funding Contribution for local projects

11 Evidence of Title to site 1.1.3 For an Application Greater than 25k the following is required; – Solicitors letter confirming that you own the site for the proposed facility or that you hold it under a lease – That the leasehold / freehold is registered with the Property Registration Authority (If registration is pending than a dealing number from the PRA must be included) – That there is at lease 15yrs remaining on the lease – That the title is capable of holding a charge

12 Evidence of Title to site 1.1.4 For an Application less than 25k the following is required; – A letter from the owner of the land / facility stating that the facility will not be taken out of sporting use for a minimum of 5 years – Sample letter available at the end of the SCP Guidelines.

13 Quotation / Estimate 1.1.5 At least one professionally prepared quotation or pre tender estimate must be included for each aspect of the works being applied for As funding is limited, it may not be possible to fund all the elements that you are applying for. Therefore, it is important that you break down your project into smaller elements that could be funded if the funding is not available to fund your entire project. For example – if your project includes resurfacing an artificial turf pitch, erecting a fence around the pitch and floodlighting the area, you should include a price for each element in your application and indicate the priority you place on each element. – If you only provide one overall cost and the Department does not have enough money to provide you with a grant for all 3 elements you are likely to receive no funding. – If you provide a separate cost for the 3 parts the Department can fund as many elements as possible. In the absence of such a breakdown it may not be possible to fund your project at all.

14 Planning Permission 1.1.6 One of the following must be supplied; – A copy of the planning permission for any of the aspects of your project that require planning permission. This planning permission must be current – Evidence of planning reference number or acknowledgment of application for planning permission from your Local Authority for any of the aspects of your project that require planning permission. – A recent letter from your technical supervisor or local authority stating that your project does not need planning permission.

15 Additional Documentation that may be required 1.2

16 Confirmation of RAPID / CLAR Status 1.2.1 There is no top up funding in addition SCP Funding in this round of the programme

17 Drawings, Plans and Specifications 1.2.2 Extra marks are available at assessment if drawings and plans are provided. For artificial playing surfaces and floodlighting you should include the technical specifications of what you are planning to install. It would be advantageous if these were prepared by an appropriately qualified person / consultant

18 Feasibility Study 1.2.3 Only required if facility is to cost more than 700k The study must include; – proposed location of the facility; – population of the surrounding area; – mix of sports to be played at the facility; – existing facilities in the area; – plan for managing the facility; and – overall financial plan for the facility.

19 Letters of support from the NGB 1.2.4 Required only for Regional and National Facility Applications

20 Organisation & Contact Details 2 & 3 Name of your club – The correct current and legal name of the club / organisation. State other names linked to previous applications where funding was secured. Location of facility – GPS Applications from Gaeltacht Areas.

21 Past Government Grants (Received by facility) 4 Sports Capital Programme Dormant Accounts EU Programme for Peace & Reconciliation CLAR / Leader Initiatives Young Peoples Facilities Services Fund Local Sports Partnership

22 What is funded Prioritise List 5 Pitch developments (Natural & Artificial) including drainage projects Tracks and Courts Security fencing / Ball stop netting Hurling Walls and Handball Alleys Building and refurbishment of Dressing Rooms, showers and toilets Building and refurbishment of Sports Halls / Gyms Non Personal Sports Equipment Floodlighting

23 What is not funded 5 Private and Commercial Operations Operational Costs Viewing Stands Car Parks, roads or landscaping Bars, Kitchens or Offices Projects where work has already commenced or where contracts have already been signed Projects that are not sporting in nature Applications from schools that are not made jointly with at least one sports club The repayment of loans The purchase of land or buildings

24 Funding 6 Maximum Grant for Clubs 300,000 Your application will be assessed in terms of being realistic, scale of the project, costs and grant assistance sought. Funding allocated based on a combination of factors – population, quality of application, geographical balance, and the need to provide a variety of sports facilities.

25 Other Details 7 Timeframe – Start within 6 Months and be completed within 24 months of grant allocation. Your facility must be accessible to people with disabilities Planning Permission

26 Site Details 8 Details of facilities on site including numbers of Dressing Rooms and hall and pitch sizes. Evidence of title not required if applying for equipment only. Not Owner or No Lease - 25k or less – letter confirming that site will be used for sport for at least 5 years. (Sample letter) 25k + Grant – Solicitors Letter confirming ownership or under a lease. Leasehold or Freehold is Registered with Property Registration Authority. (Deed of Covenant) If Site is Leasehold – must be 15 years remaining on lease. Title is capable of supporting a charge. Site in Disadvantage area ?

27 Use of Facilities 9 Numbers using the facility. Open to Public Groups that will use and benefit from the facility – Clubs, Schools, Community Group, Persons with Disabilities, Womens / Girls Teams (Back up with documentation) Regional / National – Views of NGB

28 Managing the Facility 10 Managing the facility on an ongoing basis. Running Costs, Coaching Programmes, Initiatives to increase participation. Staff, Managing Policies and opening hours Attach additional information to support your claims.

29 Disadvantaged Groups 11 Where possible you should set out how you intend to attract disadvantage groups to use your current or planned facilities – such initiatives could include lower costs to the unemployed or pensioners. What will you do to encourage these groups to use your facilities.

30 12, 13, 14 12 Freedom of Information Act – Sign Form 13 Disclaimer – Applicants Statement – Sign Form and witness to sign also. 14 Acknowledgement Form – Fill in details applicable to Club / Organisation (Sports Capital Unit will send back acknowledgement of receipt of application, and give you a Reference No.)

31 Scoring System Each application is scored between 1 and 5 under each assessment criterion Different weights (from 1-4) are attached depending on importance – this decides order of priority within own county Higher weighting is given to disadvantaged criteria Recommendations made to Minister Minister makes final decision

32 Increase Participation/Improve Standards – be clear as to the objective of your project, growth targets, improved standards of sporting performance etc (1-5) x 4 Level of Socio-Economic Disadvantage (1-5) x 4 Technical Merits – quality of drawings, reliability of cost plans, planning permission in place (if applicable) etc (1-5) x 4 Financial viability of Project – DAST wants to avoid white elephants, ability to compete the project within a realistic timeframe, previous track record in fundraising taken into account, realistic income and expenditure projections (1-5) x 4 Level of local funding available – higher rating given to applicants with a significant contribution towards the project (1-5) x 4 Ability to maintain project after completion (1-5) x 3 Scoring System

33 Current/Planned facilities in area – duplication to be avoided etc(1-5) x 2 Extent/Outcome of Local Consultation – with other clubs, schools, local authorities etc to indicate their commitment to using the facilities if they are provided (1-5) x 2 Strategies to attract people form disadvantaged areas – not just about developing facilities, programmes need to be developed, how will you market towards this group etc (1-5) x 3 Priority of project in relation to existing facilities- what facilities are needed in the area, avoid duplication, need to achieve an equitable spread of facilities in each county. Priority in relation to the applicants existing facilities(1-5) x 4 Priorities as identified by N.G.B.s – proposals consistent with N.G.B.s strategy, contribute to a regional and/or a national sporting infrastructure(1-5) x 3 Scoring System

34 Submission Basics Be clear about participation / increasing performance. Be realistic about grant levels sought Local contribution must be in place Ensure all project costs are covered All technical issues must be covered All documentation requested must be included with the application form Consult with the NGB at all times

35 Where to from here ? Set up a Development Committee (Group of 4) All members Read the Guidelines and Application Form. Assign Tasks and duties. Meet on a regular basis over the next month and monitor progress – regular feedback to group Chairman. Prioritise key areas.

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