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Moreland City Council Major Grants Program and Assessment procedures.

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1 Moreland City Council Major Grants Program and Assessment procedures

2 Overview Moreland is 5 kilometres north of Melbourne CBD Is 51 square kilometres Population of 135,843 people 47% of the population speak a language other than English 11 Councillors with 3 wards

3 Moreland has one of the highest proportions of residents who adhere to the Christian faith, and one of the highest numbers and proportions of members of the Islamic faith compared to metropolitan Melbourne. Unemployment rates are higher in Moreland than the average across metropolitan Melbourne. Youth unemployment in Moreland is also considerably higher than the Melbourne average at 20.1 per cent and 15.4 per cent respectively. The income profile of Moreland is lower than the average across metropolitan Melbourne.

4 Major Grants Program Community Grants Membership Program Operational Quick Response grants up to $500 throughout the year for both community and cultural projects. Cultural Grants Category 1. (Projects up to $5,000) Public outcome as part of the project plan. Specific projects – festivals, artist-in- residence, publication of work, public performance, exploration of new concepts/technologies Category 2. Logistical support up to $1,500 For use of Council facilities – Mechanics Institute of Performing Arts Centre and Counihan Gallery.

5 Major Grants Program continued Community Partnership Grants Program Currently $100,000 set aside for capital works projects on Council owned land. Projects are in Partnership with local clubs Maximum Grant $40,000 Community groups involved in project are able to make in-kind contributions and/or $

6 Achievement Grants To recognise the efforts and achievements of local individuals who are striving towards participation in their chosen field of endeavours/expertise. Leisure Achievement Grants $5,000 set aside pa Grants of up to - $200 for a state competition. Up to $300 for a national competition Up to $500 for an international competition. Cultural Achievement Grants $5,000 set aside pa Grants are up to $500.00 to an individual

7 Overview of eligibility/ineligibility criteria Generally Councils grants program is for making grant allocation to community groups and does not fund sponsorships, donations or fundraising events, except for the raffle. Councils Human Services Department runs casual for a cause days with staff for major fundraising programs and also runs the Moreland Community Raffle each year commencing in February. Demonstrate a direct benefit to Moreland residents Show the amount of support already received from Council Demonstrate the extent the group is working with other groups to achieve common goals Show the percentage of group membership that will benefit from the proposed project

8 Eligibility continued… Not have commenced prior to funding approval Demonstrate the capacity to undertake the project Be legally incorporated or auspiced. Evidence must be provided Provide bank account name (grants are not paid to individuals generally). Be a not for profit organisation Funds will not be provided for programs considered – the major responsibility of State and Federal Governments and non government departments; Carnivals, fairs, trophies and prizes, uniforms, costumes, dinners & refreshments If the purpose of the grant is for religious or political programs Profit making groups or commercial ventures

9 Grants Process Evaluation of previous grant program and procedures Meeting with grant advisors to review process and brief on next round Mail out of information packages to local politicians and councillors Major grants program brochure with information session timetable developed and distributed ( approx 800+)

10 Grants Process continued…. Community information sessions held (with interpreters) Grant guidelines and application form distributed at - information sessions placed on Councils website, hard copies distributed to all libraries (5) citizen service desks (3) and mailed on request

11 Grants Process continued… 8-10 weeks to submit an application Applications close 1 May. No late applications accepted. Registration of all submissions Acknowledgement letters sent to applicants Initial assessment of submissions by officers Draft assessment submitted to Community Grants Assessment Committee and Arts & Culture Advisory Committee Final review by Director of Social Development

12 Grants Process continued… Presentation to all Councillors at an Issues and Discussion Forum ( all Councillors attend) Further briefing of Portfolio Councillor Social Development and Councillors Responsible for Youth and Leisure Recommendations submitted for ratification by Council. Major Grants Council Report Adopted (June/July)

13 Council Report


15 Procedures continued… Applicants informed in writing of their success/unsuccessful applications Successful groups sent Acceptance of Grant Form and if grant $1,000.00 and over a Service Agreement. Cheques raised once Acceptance of Grant Form is signed and returned to Council. Cheques posted to groups once all outstanding paperwork is received (evaluation forms from previous years grants) Records. All paper work is recorded on system and hard copies filed with current grant application.

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