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Briefing February 2013

2 What does the MEDF aim to do?
Increase equality of opportunity and equal protection for people of different ethnic backgrounds in Northern Ireland; Increase awareness of and respect for Northern Ireland’s ethnic diversity; Ensure the full participation of people from minority ethnic backgrounds in public, economic, social and cultural life; Increase good relations, mutual understanding and respect between people of different ethnic backgrounds including the majority community; and Ensure that members of minority ethnic communities enjoy equal opportunity and equal treatment in accessing and benefiting from public services.

3 Key features of the MEDF
Assist with delivery of the Vision and Shared Aims of the Racial Equality Strategy (2005 – 2010) and the new – still being developed - Racial Equality Strategy; and Support for voluntary and community organisations working with minority ethnic people/groups.

4 Key features of the MEDF
Three “tiers” of funding Tier 1 – Entry level MEDF - £100-£15,000 Deadline – 2pm on 31 December 2014 Tier 2 – Standard MEDF - £15,000 - £45,000 Deadline - 2pm on 11 March 2013 Tier 3 – High level MEDF - £45,000 - £75,000

5 Selection Criteria The MEDF Selection Committee will evaluate
Extent to which proposal contributes to one or more of the MEDF aims; Extent to which the proposal meets a specific need(s) and the extent to which it is targeted on people, groups or areas of greatest social need; Extent to which the proposal aims, objectives and outputs are SMART i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound and assessment methods are demonstrated; Availability of match funding and the sustainability of the proposal; and Extent of promotion of volunteering and use of volunteers.

6 Selection Criteria They will also consider:
Receipt of funding from other sources such as Government Departments, European Programmes or the International Fund for Ireland or other charitable sources; How the funding sought from OFMDFM will complement funding from other sources; and Geographical spread of funding and the extent to which it covers Northern Ireland.

7 Application – the fundamentals
Application process – the how and when and where; Application form – it’s not that bad; Assessment – what we do with your form; and Award of grant – getting going!!!

8 Application process Closing date for tier 2 and 3 is 2pm on 11 March 2013; Closing date for tier 1 is 2pm on 31 December 2014; Application available on-line or in hardcopy; Electronic and hardcopy completed forms accepted; We will issue an acknowledgement and a reference number; and Racial Equality Unit happy to help.

9 Application form – your organisation
A.2 Please provide a short profile of your organisation as it relates to this application You should include the aims and objectives of the organisation and indicate how these align with the aims of the funding scheme at paragraph 2.1 of the guidance notes. Remember this is one of the things that the MEDF selection committee will consider

10 Application form – your proposal
B.1 Tell us about your proposal Detail what you will do and how you will do it. If you will work in partnership with any other groups please include details here. Remember what the MEDF Selection Committee are interested in and try to demonstrate what they are looking for.

11 Application form – your proposal
B.2 Outline which of the aims of the funding scheme (paragraph 2.1 of the guidance notes) your proposal contributes to and how it contributes Look carefully at the 5 stated aims of the MEDF and take the time to fully explain how your proposal helps achieve 1 or more of them

12 Application form – your proposal
B.3 Outline the specific need or needs that will be addressed by the proposal Please see paragraph 5.1b in the guidance notes for the selection criteria Look carefully at what has been said about targeting the areas of greatest social need.

13 Application – your proposal
B.4 Detail what will be achieved by your proposal Objectives should be SMART i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and include timescales You must spell out exactly what SMART aims, objectives and outputs you are planning. You must also show how you plan to measure success.

14 Application – your proposal
B.5 Outline the main activities that will be undertaken to meet the objectives of your proposal, the outcome each of these activities will achieve and how you intend to measure progress in meeting these outcomes. (These outcomes will form the basis of the letter of offer should the department approve your application for funding and will be used to inform monitoring and evaluation of the project) Activity Timescale Outcome Measurement Do not confuse outcomes and outputs. Outputs are how many people have attended an English course. Outcomes are 5% of the migrant population are fluent English speakers after my project.

15 Application – your proposal
B.6 Outline how your proposal will be sustained, if necessary, beyond the period to be funded. Also outline the likely sustainable benefits which will be realised as a result of the proposals. Remember this is something that the MEDF Selection Panel will look for specifically.

16 Application – your proposal
B.7 Please detail the extent to which your organisation uses volunteers or promotes volunteering How many volunteers are involved? How often are they involved? In what areas do they help? Remember this is something that the MEDF Selection Panel will want to see. We see volunteering as important as it builds capacity in your sector.

17 Application – signing Section D Declaration At least one of those signing must be an office bearer. On behalf of the organisation, we confirm that the information on this form is correct and that, if this application is successful, we will comply with OFMDFM requirements. We also confirm that our organisation is properly constituted, that there are robust and appropriate governance procedures in place and that our organisation has not previously had funding refused or breached a letter of offer from any funder. Signed: Name: We need an office bearer so we know that the application has been agreed by the organisation.

18 Assessment We will do the following with your application :-
Cross-check with the Eligibility Criteria in Section 4, MEDF Guidance Notes; So please read these carefully as we will reject your application accordingly! and The MEDF Selection Committee will mark and rank projects according to the Selection Criteria in Section 5, MEDF Guidance Notes.

19 Award of grant If you are successful we will get in touch as soon as possible – our aim is to let you know before 1 April! If you are unsuccessful you have the right to appeal against the decision.

20 Where to get help Racial Equality Unit can advise on the process ONLY
Philip Devlin Aideen Donnelly Ken Fraser

21 Summary Read the MEDF Guidance Notes thoroughly;
Ensure all eligibility criteria are met (Section 4, MEDF Guidance Notes); Ensure language used is non-technical; Check your sums; Consider the selection criteria (Section 5, MEDF Guidance Notes); Ensure application is signed; and Remember the deadlines!


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