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SPORT SPONSORSHIP Presented by James Wynne Director of Sport, Slattery Communications.

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1 SPORT SPONSORSHIP Presented by James Wynne Director of Sport, Slattery Communications

2 Slattery Communications is synonymous with Sport serving clients across a broad range of sports disciplines including… - Consultants to IRFU for two decades - Commercial & Marketing partner to Manchester United - Sponsorship management on behalf of brands such as Allianz, Ladbrokes, Guinness, MBNA and many more

3 My Career in Sport…

4 1986… Tullamore AFC… under-11s

5 1990s…

6 1998… Straight and Narrow…

7 Sports Marketing Its a story of evolution…

8 The Sponsorship Market is changing rapidly… TV revenues melting away A Buyers Market Rights holders need to adapt to the needs of sponsors to deliver a value proposition Market Conditions

9 Conventional Sport Sponsorship has lost its edge -Patrick Nally of West Nally… the Godfather of Sports Marketing Market Conditions

10 SPONSORSHIP Market Conditions

11 PARTNERSHIP Market Conditions

12 RELATIONSHIP Market Conditions

13 Mature marketplace oBrands increasingly skilled at leverage oadded value for consumers / partners oBrand revenue generation streams! Market Conditions

14 Our 5 Step Process 1)Sponsorship Valuation 2)Identify Range of Potential Sponsor Targets 3)Develop Specific Sponsorship Programme 4)Develop Appropriate Marketing Collateral 5)Go to Market

15 1. Sponsorship Valuation: This stage involves collating all relevant in formation relating to the tangible (media exposure, branding etc.) and intangible (perceived quality, audience affinity etc.) assets relating to the sponsorship property. Sponsorship valuation methods can then be applied to reach a realistic valuation of the property Definitions

16 2. Identify Range of Potential Sponsors: Divided by sectors, the target brands / organisations will be established including the relevant contact and contact details within each organisation to begin approaching potential sponsors with the proposition. Definitions

17 3. Develop Specific Sponsorship Programme: Establish the key brand benefits to the potential sponsor from branding and activation of the sponsorship at specific events etc. to opportunities to leverage the partnership Definitions

18 4. Develop Appropriate Marketing Collateral: Develop look and feel of the sponsorship package to include tailored presentations, imagery and footage etc. to aid in presenting the proposition to market in a compelling manner. Definitions

19 5. Go to Market: Contact and follow up on leads. Establish diary of presentations. Weekly updates on progress and lead status. Tailor packages for targets. Broker a Deal! Definitions

20 Know your strengths Know your targets business Think Partnership! Deliver a commercially focused solution through sponsorship Definitions

21 Contact me… James Wynne Director of Sport Slattery Communications Limited T: +353 1 6614055 M: +353 86 8186418 Twitter: @jwsport E: W:

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