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Rodent Surgery Course Why???? Laws and regulations dictate appropriate procedures and care.

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2 Rodent Surgery Course

3 Why???? Laws and regulations dictate appropriate procedures and care

4 Laws and Regulations



7 You have a contract with the AIC Surgical variables can affect animal welfare and research

8 You Have a Responsibility to the Animal

9 Success: Requires careful planning

10 Challenges…. Same person is surgeon, anesthetist, scrub nurse Experimental design requires repetitive surgeries Small body size of rodents mandates use of microsurgery or ophthalmic instruments Immunodeficient rodents


12 Major Survival Surgery Any surgical intervention that penetrates and exposes a body cavity or any procedure which produces permanent impairment of physical or physiologic functions

13 Minor Survival Surgery Surgery that does not expose a body cavity and causes little or no physical impairment

14 Non rodents: Dedicated surgical facility

15 Rodents: Surgical facility not required

16 Rodent Surgery Area Room or part of a room that is easily sanitized and not used for other activities when rodent surgery is in progress

17 Rodent Surgery Area Subdivided into: Place for cages of rodents awaiting surgery Prep area Surgery area Recovery area

18 Anesthesia Inhalation Injectable

19 Instruments Quality Appropriate size for procedure Correct utilization

20 Surgical Pack Order Sterilization indicators

21 Wound Closure

22 Surgical Needles


24 Surgical Adhesive


26 Preoperative Management Animal health status Period of stabilization Proper handling and restraint Stress-reduction Food and water NOT withheld AVOID antimicrobial agents

27 Perioperative Management Prepare surgery area organize disinfect

28 Sterilization of Instruments Autoclave

29 Indications of Sterilization

30 Glass Bead Sterilizer Provides rapid sterilization

31 Chemical Time lengthy Kill spores?????

32 Patient Prep


34 Prevent Hypothermia

35 Surgeon Prep

36 Operative Technique Follow aseptic surgery procedures Utilize good surgical technique Tunnel vascular catheters

37 Operative Care Monitoring the patient


39 Post-operative Care Analgesia Hydration Nutrition Wound care Suture removal

40 Maintaining Records Procedure and date Post op care Suture removal

41 Monitoring Outcomes

42 PIs for donating extra animals for this lab!!

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