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Document Image Processing Keys to a successful imaging implementation Presenter Eric Labiak, Image Processing Systems AIIMGSC Education Event April 28,

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1 Document Image Processing Keys to a successful imaging implementation Presenter Eric Labiak, Image Processing Systems AIIMGSC Education Event April 28, 2005

2 Overview Image Processing Basics Six Sigma Quality Control Industry Trends Case Studies Q & A

3 Image Processing Basics Paper, Film, Fiche Image to Image - Legacy Images Data - COLD, Email, EDI Video, Phone Mail, Music First Decision - Inputs?

4 Image Processing Basics Backfile - Archive FileForward - Day Forward, Ongoing Image On Demand ImageMailbox - Digital Mailroom In House, Outsource, Managed Service, Hybrid Next Question - Type?

5 Image Processing Basics On-Site - Centralized, Distributed Off-Site - Centralized Off-Shore - Hybrid Processing Location?

6 Six Sigma Quality Control Disciplined Project Methodology Comprehensive Document Control 100% Quality Control 3.4 Errors Per Million Requires:

7 Six Sigma Quality Control Phase 1 - Design and Review (1 day - 2 weeks) Phase 2 - System Development and Testing (1 day -3 weeks) Phase 3 - Ramp-up (1 day -3 weeks) Phase 4 - Implementation (days – years) Four Phase Project Methodology

8 Design and Review Use real world metrics for each operation and dont fall prey to the all you gotta do club! Measure twice - cut once Project Management, Change Management Specification and Design of Conversion Software, process flows and Conversion Subsystem Test and Project Plan

9 Image Processing Center

10 System Development and Testing DOCUMENT CONVERSION TESTING: All Conversion Programs will be tested on the conversion subsystem. INTEGRATION TESTING: The documents converted, during the test, will also be loaded onto the Content Management system and displayed.

11 Ramp Up Dress Rehearsal Acclimate client staff to the conversion processes Fine tune conversion process workflows Increase scanning to full production

12 Implementation Document receipt via file clerk, courier or P.O. Box. The documents are checked into Image Track organized, scheduled and staged for conversion. The documents are prepped, scanned, indexed, quality control tested*, and outputted for client acceptance. Each transfer is supported by Image Track with comprehensive inventory and processing reports. Upon acceptance of images by client, the paper documents are packed in boxes and returned to client, storage or destroyed.

13 Document Control Automated control system for the imaging process Tracks workflow from receipt to delivery Records time, date and operator at each step Enables in-process check-out of documents ImageTrack Database-driven reporting system Ensures that all documents or folders have been successfully processed Ensures that any missing documents are reported in a timely fashion ImageAudit TM

14 Quality Assurance Conduct page-for-page visual check of every image and compares to original Verifies all images are scanned Adds any missing images Reprocesses poorly scanned images Needed to comply with State of NJ, NY…. Find problems prior to Data Capture and Indexing 100% Page for Page Scan Q/C

15 Quality Assurance

16 Database Matching Matches scanned documents to client-supplied data Eliminates keying errors Ability to point many records to one document and many documents to one record 100% Index Q/C Index Q/C 100% inspection of Indices Double-Key Verification Two independent operators key the same data Computer compares output Third party resolves inconsistencies

17 Quality Assurance Prep QC Scan QC Reporting Check-in & Assignment Folder Prep & Pre-Index ScanningIndexing Folder Completion Folder Check-out Archiving Index QC

18 Processing Industry Trends Backfile budgets are back Fileforward is becoming increasingly integrated including multiple data feeds between systems More Front-End projects Capture tools are improved - OCR, Forms Recognition, Workflow Off-Shore processing is exploding - Caribbean, Mexico, India now - China next. Compliance is driving some Off-Site back to On-Site

19 Applications Accounting & Finance (A/P, T&E, Treasury…) Client Documentation (Case Files, New Accounts, Contracts, Correspondence, Account Changes…) Human Resources (Employee, Pension, Retirement, Group Insurance, Benefits…) Insurance (Applications, Policies, Claims…) Legal (Contracts, Leases, Royalties, Litigation…) Image-to-Image (IBM, FileNet, ViewStar, Eastman, Wang…) Engineering (Large Format, Technical Manuals, Process Sheets…)

20 Case Study Processed critical Member and Retiree files Initial 4 million images over 6 months, then 15 million more over three years and counting Several additional projects ensued over the past four years - Board Minutes, Pension Records, etc Currently assisting STRS and with fileforward prep & indexing services State Teachers Retirement System

21 Case Study Surrender, Agent, Case and Contract files Six million images converted in four projects over 18 months Three hundred different document types identified and sorted for one job Off-Site processing Project lead to a recent On-Site contract for Vital Records - 60 people over 2 shifts. Life Insurance Company

22 Case Study Large Advertising Agency Accounts Payable 1. Improve current turnaround 2. Lower Costs 3. Front-End Processing 4. Double-Key Data Capture Accuracy 99.95%

23 Case Study Image A/P Workflow 1. Mail Receipt 2. Preparation 3. Scanning 4. Coding 5. Off-Shore Data Extraction 6. Upload for Payment Approvals 7. Archiving & Retrieval

24 Questions & Answers Image Processing Basics. Six Sigma Quality Case Studies IPS Business Other Please ask about

25 Closing Thanks for your time!

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