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Bizzy Girls Fair and Camps Tween and Teen Entrepreneurs Sponsorship Opportunities

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1 Bizzy Girls Fair and Camps Tween and Teen Entrepreneurs Sponsorship Opportunities http://

2 What We Do Empower tweens and teens Celebrate with hundreds of girls! Todays tweens and young teens are eager to have their own businesses, contribute to social causes and show the world what they can do. Bizzy Girls has helped hundreds of girls accomplish this through its unique entrepreneurship program. Girls, 7 to 14, are able to create their own product lines, learn business principals and marketing, and then sell their own products. Our programs are held through out the year and offered as summer camps at local malls, where girls are immersed in a retail environment, as well at private schools and through the Departments of Recreation at various cities such as Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara. The Bizzy Girls Fair brings together empowered tweens to show their accomplishments and share their dreams. Bizzy Girls is rapidly expanding its programs due to a demand from moms, teens and tweens. Come meet Americas next CEOs!

3 What Girls Learn in our programs Self Confidence Financial Literacy 3 Product development Naming a company Creating a logo Branding Marketing Writing a mini biz plan Inventory Cost/ Profit Visual Display Selling their product YouTube production ( teens) Digital Music mixing (teens)

4 Whats At The Fair? Bizzy Girls share their accomplishments, display their work, and meet accomplished peers. Inspirational speakers, female politicians, designers and CEOs will address the moms and girls. Bizzy Girls entrepreneurs will display and sell their products to the general public Create a YouTube video Learn to use a digital music mixer Teens with social causes will display their charities Meet tween/teens with their own successful businesses Meet tweens/teens that are changing the world Makeover fun from movie studio stylist Huge selection of craft, and fashion related activity Book fair Fashion show Live Music/entertainment Fun Activities - Example of last years activities: The Taste of Tea held a design a tea cup contest. Winner had their tea cup made and sold Moms and daughters or BFF's gave each other green tea face masks. Cheryl Fudge Fashion Camp accessory making Mokuyobi Threads had a patch design competition. Winners had their design manufactured and sold by the company. Winner kept the profits!

5 5 BIZZY GIRLS FAIR June 14, 2014 The Historic Santa Monica Bay Womans Club Attendees: Open to General Public 400+ Girls ages 7-14, from Bizzy Girls programs, camps, fairs, and local schools 150 – 200+ Parents/Guardians/Chaperones Special Guests Exhibitors: Bizzy Girls businesses and charities from past programs, camps and fairs Sponsors/Exhibitors SUMMER ENTREPRENEURSHIP CAMPS Summer 2014 25+ Week-Long Camps Attendees: 625+ girls ages 7-14 Camp Locations: Southern California Los Angeles County Ventura County Orange County Connecticut Fairfield County New York Westchester County Manhattan New Jersey Essex County Washington, DC More summer camp locations to come! Additional week-long and weekend camps held during school breaks and year. Bizzy Girls Tween/Teen Fair and Camps 2014

6 Thousand Oaks camp turns young girls into budding business owners - Ventura County Star – August 2, 2013 – Reporter Naomi Pachero (left) waits as Candace Coleman-Malyszek looks at a top made by Jessica Thran at The Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks, CA. The Bizzy Girls Camp taught girls ages 7 to 12 about entrepreneurship... Past Post Fair Press Examples Redondo Beach Pre-Teens Get Business Savvy – Redondo Beach News, August 2, 2013 - Redondo Beach pre-teens were busy arranging homemade merchandise on long tables, counting money, and turning on smiles for potential customers. Bizzy Girls, was great, it exceeded expectations this summer. My 7 year old (yes 7!) developed a product line, learned about branding, cost vs. profit, elevator pitch and toured various stores in the vicinity of Third Street Read full article camps/camp-kate camps/camp-kate Santa Monica Mirror, July 2012 -SM PLACE — While Santa Monica Place was bustling during the lunch hour, the Community Room was bustling with the girls of Camp Kate Kate and their proud parents. The attendees of Camp Kate Kate, a young girls entrepreneurship camp, presented the final products of their hard work for the past two weeks to their parents and teachers. These 7 to 14-year-olds all founded their own companies and created marketable, profitable products. “All these girls are very serious little business girls,” Kanafani said. “And they'’re very enthusiastic and they want to make money!” Whatever their products were, the girls learned a lot and made many friends in the process. “ Santa Monica Mirror, Climbing The Corporate Step Ladder, July 2012 - SM PLACE — While Santa Monica Place The attendees of Bizzy Girls, a young girls entrepreneurship camp, presented the final products of their hard work for the past two weeks to their parents and teachers. These 7 to 14-year-olds all founded their own companies and created marketable, profitable products…

7 First, thank you so much for the amazing experience you created for our daughter, -she LOVED it! I have my own business as well, and hearing Jess talk about it the way she did after a week with you seemed to put into perspective what we do here, and led to conversations that made me feel like she was seeing my business through different eyes, so thank you for that as week:) We have told all our friends about it, and look forward to seeing you again next year. Jeesica Thran, daughter age 8 I wanted to thank you for the great experience Julianna and Kendra have had during this week with you. They had the best time and truly loved the whole process... Please keep in touch and let me know when you have another one Once again thank you, Kenra Ross, daughters ages 8 and 10 Thank you, Debbie. Emily and Lauren are so inspired from your camp. I have told so many of my friends and they want to try some future sessions. I am so impressed with everything., Thanks so much,. Emille Gute, daugters 9 an 12 Thank you for such a great week for the girls, they had a great time. Warmly Sally Rush, daughter and 10 Skylar doesn't want camp to end. Do you have another one next week? She loves going every morning. Thanks! Monica Steller, daughter age 9 Thank you for doing this for the girls. It looked like they all learned so much and had so much fun. Please keep me informed of your new classes. Best, Chareon, daughter, age 8 7 Past Post Camp eMail Examples

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11 Sponsorship Bizzy Girls offers ongoing sponsorship and engagement opportunities beginning with The Bizzy Girls Fair and continuing through out the year with our ongoing programs. Bizzy Girls can work with you to create a customized program to drive traffic to your store or site Make your brand part of our fast growing community of empowered teens and tweens. Monthly emails to 20,000 moms Club Takao Youtube video of event, average 500,000 viewers 400 moms, tweens/teens at Fair 600 plus tween/teens and 25 Bizzy Girls summer camps List of media partners available upon request 11 FOR INFORMATION ON ALL SPONSORSHIP AND EXHIBITOR OPPORTUNITES CONTACT Diane Light Waight 770-316-0941

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